Why are my eyes watery

Why are my eyes watery

The eyes can water for many reasons. This can be an
inflammatory process, atony, allergies, overwork, and much more. In
any case, if the eyes are watery, you should pay attention to them, as
this is a signal of any problems or disorders in the body.

Tears are necessary for the body in any case, but if
there is no way to stop them, this causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.
Why watery eyes, how to stop and avoid it in the future, this article will tell

Lack of a number of vitamins and minerals in the body, which is why eyes watery in the first place, especially due to a deficiency of vitamin B2 or potassium. To determine if the eyes are watery for this reason, you should pay attention to several symptoms. Firstly, an additional factor in addition to tears is also the emergence of antipathy to light, and the appearance of ” sticks ” in the corners of the mouth. The need for additional potassium may arise with frequent use of salt, strong tea and coffee, sleeping pills and diuretics, and also, importantly, with overstraining the body, both mentally and physically. Additional symptoms may include the fact that the limbs are often cold and freezing, and at night the legs may cramp. The person gets tired quickly and drowsiness appears. Potassium deficiency usually occurs during pregnancy. Why watery eyes are understandable, the question is – how to deal with it? Everything is simple here. You should include bananas, cucumbers, beans, and other foods high in potassium in your diet . 


The second reason why the eyes are watery is contact
lenses. Because of them, eyes can water, if the lenses are not suitable for diopters,
then there is a constant muscle tension. And if it is impossible even
to put on contact lenses without tears , then the person has a hypersensitive cornea, or an allergic
reaction to lens care and storage products. To find out if the exact
reason is in them , you can try to do without them for a while. If there is an
improvement, then you should first contact a specialist and have your eyesight checked.
Also in the spring, when pollen is flying everywhere in the air, it can get
under the lenses, thus causing irritation. Therefore, at this time you should be especially careful and careful. 

Very often, the cause of tearing in women is
cosmetics. Ink, eyeshadow, pencils, powder and so on. Usually, problems arise
when using cheap cosmetics, however, expensive ones do not guarantee what is
right for you. Cosmetics are strictly individual items. To determine
whether cosmetics are to blame, you just need to stop
using it for a while . If the condition has improved, it is better to forget about this company. It is
worth rinsing the eyes for some time with infusions of tea or chamomile, and then proceed
to the selection of new cosmetics. It is better in this case to choose
hypoallergenic products, which practically do not contain any
preservatives. After all, it is preservatives that most often cause such a reaction in the

The next factor that can cause watery eyes
is the workplace. Monitor settings, air in the office – this plays a very
important role for the comfort of the body. If the nose is dry and the eyes are constantly watering,
this is a sign of low humidity in the environment, which the body is
trying to fight in this way. If, in addition to this, there is a headache and
fatigue, the computer is to blame. This problem must be solved already with the
authorities, and fight for their rights.

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