The sad time of the eyes

The sad time of the eyes

The sad time of the eyes is not only the lines of a well-known
work, but also the almost inevitable state of the eyes in old age. A
quite reasonable question arises, is it possible to avoid this condition, is it possible to
preserve vision and eye health until a ripe old age? This is the question that
this article will try to answer.

First, the dull time of the eyes is characterized by clouding of the
lens. The lens of the eye is a lens, on the transparency and purity of
which the quality of vision depends entirely. If the lens loses its transparency, then
such an unpleasant disease as cataract begins to develop. The development of the
disease is directly proportional to the age of a person, although in the modern world
it appears even at a young age due to an aggressive and harmful

Cataract is also dangerous because for many years it may
not manifest itself at all, only an ophthalmologist can detect its development in the
early stages. Cataract treatment is possible if the cloudy lens is replaced with an
artificial one, and the operation is quite safe and is performed even for very elderly
people. Improvement of vision in the evening
, double vision, impaired contrast of vision can serve as a signal for concern . Also, in old age
, hyperopia inevitably develops, and if a person notices that he began
to read without glasses, it is worth considering the reason.

People over forty need to see a
specialist once every six months, even without symptoms . This need is caused by the threat of glaucoma development.
Glaucoma is another bleak time of the eyes that is associated with old age.
This disease can occur in both children and young people, but old age
is a strong contributory factor. Glaucoma is a disease characterized by increased eye pressure, as a result of which the optic nerve is affected and atrophied, which can lead to complete blindness. Symptoms of the development of this disease can serve as headaches, changes in the border of the field of view, the appearance of “flies” and rainbow circles around light sources. 

Another sad time of the eyes is associated with myopia. It can
be congenital or acquired. The most dangerous period of life in this case
is childhood and adolescence, when heavy loads are
placed on the unformed eye. But by the age of 22-24, vision has stabilized, and
any change in it, both for the better and for the worse, should be very

Diabetes mellitus causes not only problems with insulin, but
also highly specific damage to the retinal vessels, which is one of the
main causes of vision loss. The problem arises in the fact that due to an excess of
sugar, all small vessels, including the eye vessels, suffer. As a result,
problems arise , the risk of retinal detachment. Therefore, diabetics need to pay increased attention to their eyes
from the very beginning of the disease.

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