One-day contact lenses – yes or no?

One-day contact lenses – yes or no?

Returning to normal vision is very problematic. Another thing, if you mean its adjustment. In this case, immediately comes to mind the usual option for everyone – glasses. However, glasses have glasses – wearing them is not always convenient. An alternative to glasses today are contact lenses. Yes or no? Many, of course, will answer this question positively, since there are more than enough advantages for contact lenses, and the disadvantages, although they are present, are very slight.  

Vision-correcting lenses are almost invisible, do not affect the appearance of a person, are convenient, practical and easy to use. In addition, it is much easier to choose the right lens parameters when buying, since you need to know only individual data about the level of vision.

Compare and make a choice

Just note that the lenses are long-term and one-day use. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses. Disposable lenses are easy to use, since they do not require special treatment at the end of the day – they are simply thrown away and new ones are taken the next day. Long-term use lenses at the end of the day must be removed by placing them in a special solution for cleaning and disinfection. However, reusable lenses for the eyes are much cheaper than one-day counterparts.

Further. The composition of the tear suggests the presence of fats, proteins, calcium and other components that are produced by the departments of the eye. With continuous use of lenses for prolonged use, there is a risk of the accumulation of the aforementioned substances on their surface in combination with environmental elements, such as dust.

This can lead to a deterioration in the transparency of the lenses and, as a result, to a deterioration in the properties of vision correction. In addition, the risk of allergic reactions of the lining of the eyeball increases.

Therefore, wearing contact lenses for long-term use requires mandatory, systematic treatment in a special disinfectant solution. However, even such measures do not guarantee the absolute cleanliness of reusable lenses. That is, it is much more practical, hygienic and more convenient to use another type of lens – one-day.

Advantages … and a minimum of disadvantages

Disposable lenses – yes or no ? Of course yes! Contact lenses of this type do not require leaving at all, since the products of tear fluid do not have time to accumulate on them throughout the day. So, they can not provoke an allergic reaction of the body to pollution, dust, preservatives, which contains a special drug for night treatment of long-term use lenses. 

Today, manufacturers offer our attention a huge selection of contact lenses, in which, thanks to the use of modern technology, all the advantages of this product are combined. The lenses of the latest generation contain enough moisture (hydrogel) and are sufficiently permeable for oxygen (silicone hydrogel). Thus, the eye can “breathe”, and its mucous membrane is constantly moisturized and protected from ultraviolet rays.

When are disposable lenses preferred ? They become irreplaceable in the following cases:  

– when the eyes produce an excess of protein or fat, which settle on the surface of the lenses;

– if a person is forced to stay in a smoky environment or in a room with air conditioning;

– when the body is prone to allergic reactions to fluid components to clean long-term lenses;

– on vacation or a business trip when constant care for conventional lenses is difficult;

– with irregular wear;

– when the eyes need maximum comfort and recovery.

All of the above indicates the indisputable advantage of one-day lenses. But, in fairness, it should be noted that they have a small but significant minus – the cost, which is much higher compared to long-wearing lenses. Even if you consider that you do not need to buy lens care liquid and containers for storing them, the price of one-day contact lenses is not available to everyone.

And remember that the use of one-day lenses is repeatedly unacceptable!

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