What Happens During Lasik

What Happens During Lasik

LASIK is the most popular surgery for correcting hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. In the Clinic for Laser Eye Microsurgery, the correction is carried out using the unique TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 system, which gives an even more accurate result and makes the procedure available to a wider range of patients. Like other types of refractive surgery, Lasik reshapes the cornea so that the beam is focused clearly on the retina. So, in order to correct myopia and improve far vision, the laser flattens the cornea. As a result, the patient gets clear vision in 10 minutes.                  

What happens on the operating table?

With the help of a mechanical instrument – a microkeratome – the surgeon makes a circular incision in the cornea, separating its upper layer. Thus, the doctor gains access to the internal structure of the cornea – the stroma, which is “reshaped” by the laser. Each movement of the laser is calculated by a computer system based on diagnostic data. The newest diagnostic complex ZDW³ analyzes all parameters of the patient’s visual system and issues a laser correction program. There can be no mistake.          

After the laser corrects the shape of the cornea and polishes its surface, the surgeon returns the upper corneal layer, which heals within a few days.

How does the patient feel?

We use local anesthetic drops, so the discomfort during laser correction is minimal. Sometimes the patient is given a mild relaxant so that he can relax and feel at ease. To keep the eye open during the operation, the eyelids are fixed with a special holder. While the surgeon is performing the 1st stage of the operation, the eye itself is also fixed with a ring. In total, this manipulation takes 20 seconds.        

Then the laser comes into play, which painlessly rebuilds the structure of the eye. The patient only feels a slight pressure and hears a clicking sound. Immediately after the operation, you may experience a slight burning sensation, tingling of the eyes and watery eyes, which usually disappear on the same day. The eyesight in most patients improves immediately, and after 2 days you can start working.   

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