Three Factors That Affect The Result Of Laser Correction

Three Factors That Affect The Result Of Laser Correction

The success of the operation depends on several factors:

  •   equipment class;
  •   professionalism of doctors;
  •   the patient’s condition.

Laser equipment

High precision and safety of laser operation are important for us, therefore we do not save on equipment. We have purchased the latest TENEO 317 ™ (Model 2) excimer laser for laser vision correction and the ZDW³ diagnostic station , which allows for an unprecedentedly accurate eye examination before vision correction surgery. Both devices are the development of the world famous company Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH and were produced in 2017 in Germany. We were convinced of the excellent quality of TECHNOLAS equipment for laser surgery, working on the previous version of the laser diagnostic complex.                       

The Technolas TENEO 317 laser system has collected the best optical medicine technologies. This is a whole complex that includes diagnostic, planning and corrective modules.      

The computer analyzes all the parameters of the optical system and calculates an individual correction program, which is then transmitted to the laser. Loss of information or error is excluded. With the help of a laser, any refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia), even of a high degree, is corrected . The new complex allows you to restore vision even with a very thin cornea, which was practically impossible before.           

Qualification of doctors

It may seem that the laser system is so perfect that it creates the correct structure of the cornea with little or no intervention from a physician. This is an illusion: complex installations are just tools in the hands of the surgeon that help him do his job perfectly. 

Ophthalmological surgery is developing rapidly: technologies change, equipment is improved and complicated, new treatment options appear. To be a good surgeon today is not enough to have ten years of experience, you need to continuously enrich it. Therefore, in addition to operational practice, our doctors constantly participate in Russian and international scientific conferences, undergo training from manufacturers of laser equipment, follow the news in the field of ophthalmology. Our specialists can rightfully be called masters of their craft.       

Patient readiness for surgery

There are situations when even the best professionals will advise you to postpone laser correction, for example, if your vision is unstable or the patient has a chronic illness. Dry eye, conjunctivitis, infection or trauma, glaucoma and cataracts all affect how the eye responds to surgery and how long it takes to recover from surgery. For the correction to be successful and not cause complications, the patient must meet a number of criteria.             

Some autoimmune, degenerative diseases are considered contraindications to LASIK. Some of them are absolute, others only increase the risk of undesirable consequences and affect the result of the correction. But only an ophthalmologist, having all the information about the condition of your eyes and your health, can tell if laser surgery is right for you.      

An important role is played by the patient’s psychological readiness for the operation, his motivation to obtain excellent vision, the willingness to fulfill the doctor’s requests during the operation and all the recommendations of the ophthalmologist after vision correction. 

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