Causes of visual impairment

Causes of visual impairment

People rarely ask themselves the question of the causes of visual impairment when faced with this problem. With a deterioration in vision, a person simply laments over it. Meanwhile, the eyes are one of the most commonly used organs, since more than eighty percent of human activity is associated with vision. Often at the end of the working day, people feel tension in their eyes, their eyes get tired, begin to blush and itch.

Many people believe that the reasons for the deterioration of vision lie only in the age criterion, that vision deteriorates only in old age. However, it is not. Many factors can affect vision negatively. And the eyes are the same organ of the body as the others, and they also need care.

To solve vision problems, you need to know the causes of visual impairment and how to restore it. Some causes of visual impairment are generally known, for example, reading in a poorly lit room, but people are not aware of others.

The cause of visual impairment is pathology of the spine

Injury or infection of the spine, displacement of the vertebrae in the area of ​​the spinal cord, negatively affects visual acuity. The spinal cord is closely related to the eyes, which is why many eye exercises involve kneading the spine, particularly in the cervical region. Despite the fact that someone will consider them ineffective, you should not neglect these exercises. The spinal cord is directly involved in regulating visual acuity. Eyes should be checked if any spinal injury occurs. This category of causes of visual impairment includes injuries during childbirth.

The cause of visual impairment is disease

Visual impairment can be caused by various diseases, in particular sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Microbes and viruses can infect nerve endings throughout the body. When the nerves responsible for visual function are damaged, numerous disorders occur and vision begins to decline.

Visual impairment is caused by fatigue

Fatigue or overwork can have a negative effect on the eyes. Poor and insufficient sleep, unhealthy diet and stress wear down the entire body, and the eyes in particular. The eyes are a reflection of the state of the whole organism, showing that something is wrong with it. With severe fatigue and too intense stress, it is the eyes that begin to malfunction. For this reason, all eye relaxation complexes have exercises to relieve stress and tension from the optic muscles.

The cause of visual impairment is the accumulation of harmful substances in the body

Probably the most serious reason for various pathologies of vision is the contamination of the body with toxic substances that can accumulate and not leave the body. Such substances are called slags. It is possible to eliminate this cause. To do this, you need to go through a set of measures to cleanse the body and balance your diet in order to prevent further pollution. You also need to be active. Quite often, people who constantly work in hazardous conditions or live in areas that are unfavorable in terms of environmental requirements are forced to wear glasses.

The cause of visual impairment is bad habits

In almost all cases, vision deteriorates in people who smoke, abuse alcohol or drugs. Studies show that some time after the ingestion of smoking, alcohol or drugs into the human body, strong pathological changes begin to occur in the eye vessels. Improper and insufficient blood supply to the organs of vision leads steadily to deterioration of visual function.

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