Influence of the computer on the child

Influence of the computer on the child

The negative impact of a computer on a child is primarily expressed in severe eye fatigue. The eye muscles focus on one object for a long time, resulting in their spasm. Eyes can get tired during any work, but with the need to look at objects at close range, the load on vision only increases. Often they can spend whole hours at the computer without stopping, and they even forget about gymnastics for the eyes.

 The monitor has a high brightness, which creates an additional strain on vision. The child’s eyes are more exposed to the negative influence of the computer also because the child’s eye muscles have not yet fully strengthened and, as a result, get tired faster. In addition to the load on the eyesight from the monitor, the child can spend a lot of time reading and studying. Studying at school can lead to a decrease in vision as such, coupled with excessive work at the computer, the situation can only get worse.

More and more children have vision problems from childhood. Therefore, the influence of the computer on the child can result in its deterioration. In case of further loss of vision, it may be necessary to correct it with glasses. In the future, a corrective operation is possible either to restore vision, or to stop its fall. In this case, it is better to make every effort to maintain the existing level of vision until adulthood. It is important to supervise your child so that he does not spend all his free time at the computer. The modern computer games industry can allow you to find something to do for your child for 24 hours. To preserve his health, it is extremely important to avoid this. 

In addition to reducing the time your child spends at the computer, you should take a break every 30 to 40 minutes of classes. This will relieve some of the strain on your eyes. A little physical exercise will allow you to stretch your stiff legs and back, prevent the development of curvature of the spine and maintain your posture. You can do an exercise for the eyes: concentrate your attention for a while on a distant object, then turn your gaze to the object near. You can close your eyes for a while.

You can make your child’s activities at the computer more interesting, alternate with games. Thus, the child will move more and his eyes will rest more. Strong tension of the eye muscles will not occur, since prolonged concentration on one object can be avoided. You can reduce the negative impact on your child’s vision by purchasing a good and high-quality monitor. You should not save on the monitor. A high resolution monitor will reduce eye strain.

Regardless of whether it is an adult or a child, it is best to use a high-definition display when using the monitor for a long time. Do not work behind the monitor when sunlight reflects from it. This creates additional stress on vision. Too bright or dim lighting is also best avoided. If blackout curtains and the rotation of the monitor from light sources do not help your child and the reflection from the screen continues to interfere with work, you can install an anti-glare screen.

For regular headaches, inflammation and dry eyes, you should see an ophthalmologist. At the reception, you will need to additionally inform that the child spends time at the computer and indicate how long it takes. The ophthalmologist will select glasses for working with a computer and advise on the best way to reduce eye strain, thereby reducing the influence of the computer on your child.

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