Eye exercises

Eye exercises

It is believed that with age, a person’s vision deteriorates, this is a natural process that cannot be avoided. This is actually not the case. Our vision is our nutrition, bad habits and lifestyle. In order to maintain the body in shape, it must be trained in sports. The same thing happens with the muscles of our eyes. Therefore, a person needs training of the eye muscles – with the daily performance of special exercises, you can not only preserve one hundred percent vision throughout life, but also restore even the highest rates with myopia and hyperopia in humans.  

Psychological and physical relaxation

An eye with good eyesight never tries to see; it has perfect eyesight only when in a relaxed state. If a person wants to avoid refractive errors, it is necessary to exclude any thoughts of effort. Any effort, both physical and mental, leads to involuntary muscle tension in the eye. Upon reaching eye relaxation, a complete vision correction occurs. That is why for perfect vision it is important to completely relax the eyes, which must be achieved with the help of special exercises, as well as mental and physical relaxation.

The benefits of blinking

Since ancient times, people have said that in order to see something, a person needs to blink. And not for nothing – it was noticed that during blinking a person sees much better and his visual acuity with myopia improves significantly. This is easy enough to check: you need to stand at that distance from the table with letters at which a person cannot read them. During a quick easy blink, he will be able to make out letters from the same distance and read a word invisible until this moment.

So, the first exercise for the eyes consists of a quick blink of one eyelid, similar to the movement of the wings of a butterfly for several minutes.

Repeat this exercise as often as possible, and when working at the computer – every hour. It is also necessary to take the habit of blinking at least 5 times per minute.

Training weakened oculomotor muscles

For the natural restoration of vision, a person needs to train weakened oculomotor muscles, nearsighted – longitudinal, farsighted – transverse. 

This exercise is general. It is allowed to carry out to people who do not have retinal detachment and there were no eye operations in the next six months.

It is performed three times a day before meals. When performing the exercise, the person’s head should be motionless, moving only by the pupils of the eyes.

First you need to look up, then lower the pupils down. Repeat 5 times and blink quickly. Then, movement of the eyes left and right, blink. Diagonally, first right up-left down, then left up-right down. Blink. Fourth exercise: draw a square with our eyes, left to right, and right to left, blinked. Next, we move our eyes in a circle, first clockwise (representing the dial: 12-3-6-9), then counterclockwise (we draw the dial 12-9-6-3). Next exercise: draw a snake, moving your eyes up and down, gradually moving from right to left and vice versa. And finally, the twisting and unwinding of the eyes with a spiral. Each exercise to do five times.


Rub your hands with your palms in order to warm them. The palms of the hands are folded in a cup shape, then lay one palm on the other crosswise so that the bases of the little fingers are joined (one lay on the other). In this position, lean your hands against your face so that it turns out that each eye is covered by the center of the palm, the crossed fingers lay on the forehead, the nose sticks out between the palms, and the crossed bases of the little fingers fall exactly between the eyebrows. Elbows should not be weighed. Wearing such glasses on his nose, the person has a goal – to achieve a completely black field in front of his eyes. He can mentally imagine a black theater curtain or figuratively paint a space with black paint. Another very useful exercise under palming is a pleasant memory that allows you to relax your psyche and intense eyesight. 

Solarization of the eyes at the light source

Using a light source (a household light bulb or a candle, if in the dark), an exercise is performed: stand right in the direction of the light source and alternately turn the head left and right so that the light source constantly moves and is on the head either on the right or left side. Keep your eyes steady, do not focus on anything.

Then set the candle lit in the dark at eye level, at a distance of about a meter and stare at the flame for 2-3 minutes. Then put a plate of water so that it reflects the reflection of the candle. Look at the reflection at an angle of 30 degrees to the surface of the water.

Eye massage

It is useful daily, several times a day, to stroke closed eyes with your fingertips, making light pressure, alternating with vibration. On the lower edge of the eye from the temples to the nose, on the upper edge – above the eyebrows, from the nose to the temples. Perform 20-30 movements.

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