Colored lenses – how to wear, and do they spoil vision? How to change eye color?

Colored lenses – how to wear, and do they spoil vision? How to change eye color?

For many women, colored lenses today have turned into the same accessory as a handbag and beads. They are especially in demand among fashionistas who regularly look at glossy magazines and want to have the same eye color as the models from their pages look at them. Colored lenses often allow you to change your image, adding something new and interesting to your image. With them, a woman always remains mysterious and stylish, for example, dark-eyed beauties turn into green-eyed seductresses, and blue-eyed laughter become owners of brooding brown eyes.  

According to statistics, every third woman is unhappy with the natural color of her eyes and wants to radically change it. Therefore, color lenses are now very popular. However, like everything that is in great demand, colored lenses give rise to a lot of myths that they are harmful to the eyes and damage vision. In fact, colored lenses do not harm the eyes, if you follow all the rules for their use.  

You should not wear colored lenses daily; they should only be worn in special cases when you need to change your appearance and emphasize the beauty of your eyes. For example, on a gala evening or photo shoot. Any lens should be worn with clean, sanitized hands, and should be removed at night.  

There are 3 types of colored lenses : cosmetic, tinted and decorative. Using cosmetic lenses, you can radically change the color of your eyes, thanks to a multi-layer opaque staining along the edge. For cosmetic lenses, the color layer is located inside the lens material, it does not come into contact with the eye and therefore the eyeball is not exposed to toxic substances. 

Tinted lenses are painted not only around the edges, but completely. The paint applied to them is translucent, therefore tinted lenses are not able to radically change the color of the eyes, and are intended only for easy correction of the natural shade of the eyes. For example, to make green or blue eyes more expressive. On the dark eyes, tinted lenses will not be visible at all, so they will not fit black-eyed and gray-eyed people. 

Decorative lenses are used only for carnival dresses or other special occasions. They have a festive look and completely change their eyes. Carnival lenses with the image of a dollar, an emoticon, cat’s or vampire’s eyes are most popular among young people. 

Today, universal models of colored lenses are gaining popularity , which help not only change eye color, but also correct vision. To date, they are produced only with minus diopters, and they need to be selected together with an ophthalmologist. When choosing a contact lens, silicone-hydrogel models that belong to the breathing group should be preferred. They pass oxygen well to the cornea, do not lead to its destructive changes, subject to the rules for wearing and leaving them. 

The lens wearing time depends on their type. Mostly colored lenses are available with a one-day wear period, but there are also models that can be worn for a long time. One-day lenses do not require any maintenance and are great for special occasions. Using them, you can change the color of your eyes every day, and in the evening they must be removed and discarded. Wearing one-day colored lenses for longer than 24 hours is harmful to vision. 

Colored lenses prolonged wearing can be worn up to 3 months. They can be worn for 8-12 hours, but must be removed at night. Long-wearing lenses are cheaper, but they require careful care. They must be stored in special containers with a disinfectant solution to remove protein deposits and harmful bacteria from their surface. 

Colored lenses cannot be bought on their own without having the results of an eye diagnosis and a complete check of the condition of the eyes at the optometrist. Cosmetic lenses need to be selected taking into account the diameter of the unpainted area, which should not be less than the diameter of the pupil of the eyes. If the size of the transparent part of the colored lens is larger than the size of the pupil, the lens will limit lateral vision and create a feeling of fog or veil in the eyes. 

Wearing such lenses is not only harmful to vision, but also life threatening. The veil before the eyes will intensify with twilight lighting and looking sideways, which can lead to distortion of the pictures while driving and moving to the other side of the street at night, thereby creating a risk of accidents on the road.  

Given this, colored lenses are not advised to wear constantly. When driving a car or when performing work requiring concentration and quick reaction, colored lenses must be removed. It is also not recommended to wear colored lenses for people working at a computer and when doing things that require eye strain for a long time. For example, during sewing, knitting and reading. In these cases, colored lenses can lead to rapid eye fatigue and visual impairment.

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