How is FRK different from Lasik ?

How is FRK different from Lasik ?

We already have the idea that LASIK is the best way to correct vision: 98% of patients after surgery do not return to glasses or lenses and do not observe any complications. However, some clients are advised by ophthalmologists to do PRK rather than lasik . In the Clinic for Laser Eye Microsurgery on Maerchak , both types of correction are performed, and our surgeons are ready to tell you how the methods differ.          


PRK is the first type of laser vision correction, that is, the predecessor of LASIK. The essence of both types of refractive surgery is the same: LASIK and PRK reshape the cornea so that the light rays are correctly focused on the retina. In both cases, the surgeon uses an excimer laser.  

The fundamental difference is in the first stage of the operation. In LASIK, a thin superficial cut of the cornea (flap) is made using a special instrument, then this flap is pushed back so that the laser can penetrate into the deeper layers of the cornea, and after correction, the flap is returned to its place. 

In the case of PRK, the top layer – the epithelium – is “burned” to allow access to the cornea. The epithelium recovers on its own within a few days after surgery. 


Both operations in our clinic return the planned vision in 98% of cases. But, if after LASIK -Correction, the result is noticeable the next day, after photorefractive keratectomy visual acuity improves gradually over several weeks.     

The rehabilitation period after PRK is longer and more difficult: only after a few days, new epithelial cells will completely cover the surface of the eye. During this period, the risk of infection remains. Long-term recovery is associated with unpleasant sensations that are usually not experienced by patients after LASIK.  

Differences in readings

Despite the obvious advantages of LASIK over PRK, in most ophthalmology clinics, only a second operation is recommended for people with a thin cornea. Such patients have to put up with the disadvantages of PRK and endure postoperative discomfort for some time. 

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