We train sight! Special devices for the prevention and treatment of eye pathologies

We train sight! Special devices for the prevention and treatment of eye pathologies

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases is carried out with the combined use of various techniques according to an individual program developed by an ophthalmologist separately for each patient. A special place in modern ophthalmologists is occupied by hardware techniques. Used special devices to view training , prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases. 

Conservative apparatus therapy is part of a set of therapeutic measures aimed at eliminating amblyopia, progressive myopia, retinal degeneration, strabismus of various types, accommodation spasm, optic nerve atrophy, etc. The therapeutic course consists of several sessions, the number and frequency of which are determined by the doctor for each the patient individually, based on the characteristics of the existing disease.

There are many special ophthalmic devices for various purposes. We offer you to get acquainted with the apparatus for vision training “Visotronic” and the device “Stream”.

Ophthalmomyomotor “Visotronic”

The basis of the apparatus is the relaxation of the ciliary muscles of positive cylindrical, prismatic and spherical lenses. In the work of “Visotronic” uses three basic therapeutic techniques that apply to all groups of patients.

Most often, the Visotronic apparatus is used to train, prevent and restore vision in such a common disease as myopia – myopia. The procedures on the Visotronic ophthalmic myotractor-relaxor allow eliminating the so-called computer visual syndrome, they are used in the treatment of the chronic fatigue syndrome of the organ of vision, acquired myopia in children and adolescents, as well as to improve vision with accommodation spasm (false myopia). In addition, the use of the device is recommended for people who, by the nature of their activity, experience constant strong visual loads.

However, when we train our eyesight on special devices , we should not forget about possible contraindications to the use of one or another ophthalmic device. So, the use of the Visotronic simulator is not advisable when: 

– nystagmus;

– glaucoma;

– divergent strabismus;

– chronic and acute inflammation of the eyeballs and eyelids;

– pathologies of the optic nerves and retina;

– violations of the optical environment of the eye.

The device “Trickle”

This device is designed to train and stimulate the organs of vision with amblyopia (“lazy eye”) of various nature, astigmatism, with initial presbyopia, accommodation, asthenopia (eye fatigue) and hyperopia. “Trickle” has a therapeutic effect and stabilizes the myopic process, well relieves accommodation spasms.

In addition, with the help of this apparatus, the prevention of myopia and hyperopia in children is carried out, it is used to normalize vision with increased visual stress, as well as reduce eye fatigue when working on a computer. The device is also used in the rehabilitation therapy program after surgical treatment of the organs of vision.

The training program for vision on a special device “Trickle” can be used for patients of all age groups, starting from young children (3-4 years). The duration and frequency of sessions, as well as the algorithm of classes can be different and are carried out under the direct supervision of a specialist. There are no contraindications to the use of the device.

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