Goggles from computer radiation

Goggles from computer radiation

People who often and for a long time work in front of a computer monitor should be especially careful about the health of their eyes. For the prevention of visual impairment with constant work at the computer, there are many means and methods. In particular, to prevent visual impairment when working at a computer, you can use special glasses from computer radiation.  

Computer radiation glasses – properties

– absorption of harmful radiation, which negatively affects the lens of the eye and the retina. Due to this, the resolution of the eyes is increased;

– glasses from computer radiation help to actively restore the functional state of the eye tissues, increase the sensitivity and acuity of the eye receptors due to the transmission of the spectrum colors;

– in glasses from computer radiation, a person distinguishes colors better;

– glasses help to get rid of congestion in the eye vessels, and also restore biorhythms in the organs of vision;

– due to the transmission of the yellow part of the spectrum, glasses from computer radiation effectively relieve fatigue and relieve drowsiness, increasing efficiency;

– due to the fact that the radiation of the monitor screen is excessively bright, eyes can be very tired. Goggles from computer radiation reduce the intensity of brightness to the required limit;

– due to the peculiarity of selective absorption of the blue part of the color spectrum, glasses for a computer improve the contrast of the image.

Light filters, which are equipped with glasses from computer radiation, are developed using special technologies of vacuum deposition of several filter layers.

Spectacles from computer radiation are especially recommended for children who often play set-top boxes and computer games.

The duration of work at the computer in such glasses is regulated by each person individually, depending on how comfortable the person is in these glasses.

In the manufacture of glasses from computer radiation, special protective filters are used, in the development of which the achievements of eye microsurgery are used. These filters allow glasses to relieve eye strain and increase the contrast sensitivity of the visual organs.

How can you explain the beneficial effect of protective filters that are equipped with computer glasses on human vision:

– the ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation, as a result of which the lens of the eye and the retina are protected from harmful effects. In this case, the composition of the light that a person sees through glasses of glasses is optimized;

– glasses transmit a certain amount of light flux in the green region of the spectrum, which increases the ability of the organs of vision to distinguish colors, eliminates stagnation of fluid in the organs of vision;

– due to the ability of protective filters to pass the yellow part of the spectrum, the degree of physical performance of the organs of vision increases, the eyes relax;

– partial transmission of the orange and red parts of the color spectrum helps to increase visual acuity, thereby increasing the sensitization of the sensitivity of the eye receptors;

– the brightness of the monitor glow, emanating from the screen, is partially absorbed by the lenses of the glasses, which allows the eyes to feel tired longer;

– Selective absorption of the blue and blue parts of the color spectrum allows you to improve the contrast of the picture that a person sees on the monitor. Due to this property, a reduction in the effects of light scattering is achieved.

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