Nitrates can improve vision

Nitrates can improve vision

A group of scientists from Australia assured that in order to improve eyesight a person needs to eat foods rich in nitrates. They believe that if the macula begins to degrade, then the diet should be supplemented with foods rich in nitrogen compounds. 

Scientists came to this conclusion as part of a series of studies. More than 2,000 volunteers aged 49 and over were invited to participate in the experiment. For 15 years, subjects took 11 0 -142 mg of nitrates with food . This worked as a preventive measure for vision-related diseases and reduced the likelihood of macular problems by 30%. So that the eyes never let you down, you need to use beets and spinach.

Experts also note that degeneration of the corpus luteum is a disease that sometimes causes complete loss of vision. People over 65 years of age, as well as smokers and obese people, are more at risk . As a rule, these problems with the corpus luteum more often occur in women than in men.   

Currently, modern medicine has not yet invented a means to treat this disease. That is why it is necessary to work on its prevention now. 

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