Soda helps improve vision

Soda helps improve vision

It’s no secret that soda is used for many purposes, but now American scientists from Harvard Medical School have proven that soda can also be used to improve vision.

Thanks to bicarbonate (baking soda), carbonated water is saturated with bubbles, absorbs unpleasant odors, makes the dough rise and can be used to whiten various things, as well as teeth. However, soda can also help a person see better when changing the visual signal generated by photoreceptors in eyes that detect light, scientists say.

The bulk of bicarbonate enters the human body from carbon dioxide, which is formed as waste in almost all cells, although a small part of it also comes from carbonated drinks and some food products. According to scientists, controlling the level of bicarbonate in the eyes will help slow down the progression of eye diseases and can even stop them. In the human body, soda plays an important role in changing pH levels, promoting digestion and neutralizing the lactic acid that the body receives during exercise. Soda reduces sensitivity to light, as a result, a person’s ability to monitor moving objects improves.

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