Myopia in children develops from a deficiency of sunlight

Myopia in children develops from a deficiency of sunlight

A group of leading experts made a statement that modern children suffer from nearsightedness not because of the effects of mobile devices, which they actively use. In fact, a more real reason is the lack of sunlight and poor lighting.

This conclusion was made by scientists after a new study. Dozens of schoolchildren were invited to participate in the study. For 15 days, the subjects had to walk with special devices equipped with light sensors. These devices recorded the brain activity of schoolchildren.

As it turned out, daily walks of one hour on sunny days have an extremely beneficial effect on vision, preventing the development of myopia. Although if a child already has vision problems, such a pastime will help stop the development of the disease.

To make the effect more noticeable, experts strongly recommend that children spend as much time as possible on the street or at least at least two hours daily. This will allow them to prevent the further development of myopia and its progression.

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