Lesions of the organs of sight: how to provide first aid?

Lesions of the organs of sight: how to provide first aid?

The eyes are an important and very vulnerable human organ. Serious   diseases  Vision may be the consequences of mechanical, chemical and other eye injuries. Proper and timely assistance is what will save the victim from   symptoms   diseases and dangerous consequences.

It is possible to injure eyes in case of an accident at work, careless handling of chemistry, being engaged in the gym, in road traffic and other emergency situations. Consider the most common   injuries and first aid   with them.

Foreign body gets into the eye: how to act?

  1. Wash the damaged eye with slightly warm clear water. At the same time, the head is tilted in the direction of the sick eye so that the water does not flow into a healthy one.
  2. It is advisable to drip the eyes with an antibacterial solution, such as Albucidum, 2 drops each.
  3. If a foreign object cannot be removed, you must ensure that your eyes are still. To do this, both eyes must be closed with a bandage before the patient arrives in honey. an institution.

Help for chemical burns of the eyes

In case of contact with chemicals in the eyes, proceed as follows:

  1. Rinse eyes with plenty of clean water in the direction from the base of the nose to the temple.
  2. Apply a cloth blindfold to the eyes to keep them still.

Acids and alkalis

If the eyes are affected with acid, it should be neutralized by washing the eyes with a 2% soda solution. Alkaline burns should be washed with water and lemon juice (2 drops of lemon juice per 250 ml of water).

Mechanical eye injuries: how to help the victim?

In case of mechanical injuries, it is necessary to provide the victim with a “lying” position and the eyes with a 30% Albucid solution. Do not underestimate the consequences of physical injury to the eyes and eyelids, so the patient must be urgently sent to the hospital.

Important points:

  • Help must be provided quickly and immediately.
  • The victim must be taken to hospital immediately.
  • The patient should not move independently in order to avoid new injuries – only by the hand with the accompanying person.
  • Injuries can be combined (for example, burns from a poisonous gas and damage by particles of an exploding balloon). In this case, you need to act, given the foreign bodies in the eyes, bruises and chemical lesions.

Proper assistance is the key to successful rehabilitation of the patient after   eye injuries . If you act calmly and clearly, you will have no difficulty.

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