Carrots not only save vision, but also protect against malignant tumors

Carrots not only save vision, but also protect against malignant tumors

Over the past six years, American experts conducted a study of the health status of more than fifteen thousand people.

During the specified period, the participants in the experiment were required to undergo a medical examination every year. They tested, gave answers to questions about their lifestyle, smoking and drinking. In addition, scientists were interested in information about the nutritional status of participants.

Over six years, more than three thousand participants have died. After studying the information collected, the study organizers concluded that people whose blood contained a fairly large amount of carotene had a much lower likelihood of death due to oncological pathologies, in particular cancer of the brain, skin and liver.

The results, respectively, prompted the idea that the familiar root crop – carrots – can not only help strengthen vision, but also protect against such a terrible disease like cancer. In addition to carrots, the authors of the experiment advised to regularly eat vegetables such as sorrel and onions, lettuce and spinach, bell pepper and broccoli, pumpkin and plums, melons and watermelons, black currants and gooseberries. Especially important is the use of this product for people who are predisposed or at risk of any cancer.

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