Child’s eye test

Child’s eye test

One hundred percent vision is a real gift for any child and a joy for his parents. The kid perceives the world around him in full and bright, does not feel awkward when moving. But unfortunately , not all children can boast of a lack of problems with the health of the visual system.

When eye health is normal

When   health   the eye is in order, and the visual system functions correctly, the body receives information about the outside world using a complex system of reflection and refraction of light rays. The beam passes through the cornea of ​​the eye and focuses on the retina; it is these data that the human nervous system perceives. So we learn that we have seen something, it has a certain shape, color, is located further or closer.

When various pathologies of vision appear, the beam is refracted not at the cornea itself, but a little further or closer. This is due to the presence or absence of an additional layer of epithelium on the surface of the eye. As a result, the image is not focused on the retina, but again closer or further.Such conditions are called nearsightedness and farsightedness. In this case, the child will not be able to clearly see the object at a certain distance, or he will receive distorted information.

Such a pathology of vision is also quite common.   astigmatism. In this case, the biological structure of the lens of the eye or cornea is disrupted, as a result of which the image is not clearly focused, the borders of the objects are blurred for the child. Astigmatism, as a rule, accompanies myopia or hyperopia, but sometimes develops separately.

The child needs an eye test

Ophthalmologic health disorders may be congenital to the baby, and may develop during life. That is why an eye examination should be an obligatory part of the annual medical examination. The sooner problems are identified, the sooner the ophthalmologist recommends the necessary therapy, the easier it will be to stop the development of the pathology and compensate for the loss of vision.

During the reception, the specialist will determine the binocular functions of vision, conduct tests to determine whether the child has strabismus, examine the condition of the fundus and determine refraction. Accurate data can be obtained only with the dilated pupil, so that before the beginning of the examination the pupil dilating the pupil will be dripped. But in order for the doctor to work calmly, and the information received was correct, the baby must behave calmly and fulfill all the requests addressed to him. Therefore, the mood of the child is very important before visiting the office of an ophthalmologist, and parents should make sure that this attitude is correct.

Little ones   children   often afraid of doctors, and especially of any medical manipulations. Because they fear that it will be painful, after a collision with pain for the first time (for example, during a preventive vaccination), the child may even negatively relate to the very perspective of going to the clinic, regardless of the planned procedures. If parents notice similar moods behind their baby, then they should tell in advance about what exactly is waiting in the doctor’s office. Awareness neutralizes fear: if the child knows the details of the upcoming manipulations, he will not resist and will not interfere with the ophthalmologist to conduct a study of health.

If an eye examination is needed not for preventive purposes, but for medical reasons, and the baby does not agree to quietly allow himself to be examined, the doctor will have to resort to immersing the child in a drug sleep. This procedure is absolutely harmless, and if this is the only way to obtain reliable information, parents should not object to such a decision by a specialist. Baby’s health is more important.

The main causes of vision problems in children

Why do children have vision problems at all? If a baby is born with malformations of the breast apple, then there are no questions here. But if hearing impairment occurs when the crumbs have already turned a few years, there may be several reasons. Most often, the drop in vision is due to genetic predisposition. If one of the parents, and especially grandparents, has severe myopia, then the likelihood that it will develop with the child over time is very high – this is a matter of the intensity of the load on the visual system.

Of course, the environment and lifestyle also affect eye health. And the matter is not only in the notorious gadgets, without which, unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the life of a modern person is unthinkable. The screens of monitors, smartphones and televisions are becoming more and more secure, so with a reasonable approach, they will do no more harm than reading books. The trouble is that modern children lead less and less active lifestyles, walk less than necessary. With a low level of oxygen in the blood, the body loses its strength, all organ systems suffer from nutritional deficiencies, including vision

What can parents do

How can parents help crumbs if an ophthalmologist finds a visual impairment in him? Of course, first of all it is necessary to carry out all the procedures prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, the crumbs will need regular preventive procedures and medication, or he will have to write glasses. Procedures can be carried out with the help of simulators and devices – this will be a kind of intensive training of the visual system, and with time the eye will get stronger and begin to function better. The ophthalmologist will select the complex of exercises individually.

The choice and order of wearing glasses must be approached very responsibly. The doctor may prescribe the very first glasses to a baby in six months, and you should not be afraid of such an appointment. If the pathology of vision was discovered at such an early age, parents should give a crumb opportunity at once to clearly and clearly perceive the world around it. This is important not only for the health of the visual system, but also for the overall mental development of the crumbs.

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