Exercises for visual acuity

Exercises for visual acuity

Vision problems are becoming more common, patients turn to specialists, describing certain symptoms. It is hard to imagine all the problems that inevitably overtake a person who has completely or partially lost his sight. But if you follow the recommendations of doctors, do exercises for the eyes, then the situation can be controlled.

Lifestyle: how it affects your eyesight

On   health   The organs of sight are influenced by many factors, but if you know what exactly can affect the clarity of perception of the world around you, then it is easier to adjust your lifestyle. If earlier a person spent not so much time on TV, now the work of many people is connected with computers, a lot of gadgets have appeared, which require visual acuity and concentration, and their use starts from an early age.

Symptoms of malaise with possible problems with vision

If the work is connected with a computer, then it is necessary to be distracted periodically, if there is discomfort in the eyes – do   exercises. Cutting, burning, tearing, redness – when such symptoms appear, it is worthwhile to attend to this fact. It is necessary to monitor what kind of lighting in the workplace, since if it is not bright enough, you have to strain your eyesight. When the working day lasts 8 hours, the first signs of deterioration may appear in a few years. How to properly organize your lifestyle, what to do to minimize the risk of problems, how does non-compliance with the recommendations of doctors affect your health?

Since the quality of vision is affected by food, it is important to eat a balanced diet, take vitamins, organize the working area properly, and do not read at home in dim light. Limit watching TV if you have to sit at the monitor all the time at work.

Gymnastics for eye health

There are muscles in the organs of vision too, and if they are inactive or, on the contrary, they overwork, then both cases require correction. A prerequisite, if a person wants to maintain good vision, should allow the eyes to rest when their condition requires it. If you regularly do exercises for the eyes, the situation will either improve, or there will be no problems in the future. During the exercise, muscles that are inactive are put into operation. At the same time, the eye is a very mobile organ, and even if it seems to a person that he is completely calm, this may not be the case.The muscles of the eyes must be trained, strengthened, periodically relaxed.

Gymnastics and massage

If vision problems appear, it is important to improve blood circulation in the head and neck. They also engage the head, shoulders, and the eyes themselves do not yet participate in the complex of exercises. You can train both at home and at work as follows:

  • tilts the head alternately to one or the other shoulder;
  • rotation of the head on the maximum amplitude;
  • rotation by shoulders, rise, any movements up and down, in a circle;
  • keep your arms at chest level and palms alternately press with one palm on the other, then change hands;
  • arms on the waist, doing bends in both directions, you need to feel how the lateral muscles stretch.

Each of the exercises must be repeated up to 20 times, do them daily, and if the work is sedentary, at the monitor, then during the day.

Additionally, it is useful to have a massage, and this will allow to increase blood circulation in the neck and head.

  • using the middle and index finger, rub the forehead with both hands;
  • also massage the area between the eyebrows;
  • cover your eyes and gently massage the eyelids;
  • grind cheekbones, temples, neck;
  • to massage around the corners of the eyes both from the outside and from the inside;
  • in the same way to massage the nose, nose;
  • press lightly on the eyeball with eyes closed;
  • pat your fingertips in the area around the eyes.

Eye exercises

Before each exercise cycle, you must give your eyes a rest. It is necessary to close your eyes, cover them with your palms, but do not press, sit in the dark for a few minutes. Then slowly remove your hands, open your eyes, blink often.

  • It is useful to close your eyes for a few seconds, open your eyes, repeat several times;
  • Rotate eyes in a circle in slow mode alternately in both directions. You can help yourself by drawing circles with your fingers while watching the drawing with your eyes;
  • To draw a horizontal line mentally and to drive along it with a glance;
  • Also hold a vertical line, follow the look;
  • Jump to the diagonal vectors, from an imaginary angle draw several lines;
  • Outline the shape of any shape with a look, but there is one condition: the exercise is performed slowly;
  • Write the eyes of a sign of infinity, numbers, letters that you can choose at your discretion;
  • Alternately look into the distance and at the tip of the nose, up to 20 times;
  • In the same way fix alternately look at the nose and into the distance;
  • Glue the black circle on the window. Look alternately at the circle and past it;
  • The index finger from the position of the outstretched hand to touch the nose, follow the eyes of the finger, the movement is slow. Repeat several times.

After the exercises, you should again cover your eyes with your palms, you need to relax, to stay in this state for several minutes.

Such exercises are useful to do twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The number of repetitions, each person must determine for himself, as this issue requires an individual approach. When there is a certain discomfort when doing gymnastics, you need to reduce the pace, reduce the number of repetitions. If symptoms such as burning eyes appear,   pain, then exercise should stop.

You need to understand that for serious problems with vision, you need to consult a doctor. Since the problem is easier to prevent than to deal with it and its consequences, it is worth paying attention to the lifestyle. It is necessary to eat properly, without excessive fats in the diet, limit sweet.Various symptoms may appear that are harbingers of disease. A cataract becomes “younger”, sometimes a person does not notice how the eye has been injured, often patients go to doctors with conjunctivitis. The quality of vision is affected by various infections, so it is necessary to stop their spread in time. Do not hope that everything will pass by itself. If there are signs of the disease, then contacting a specialist in time can prevent the development of a more serious disease.

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