People with congenital blindness read faster than lost sight

People with congenital blindness read faster than lost sight

A group of British experts from the University of Manchester during their research found that from birth blind people (with congenital blindness) can analyze the signal coming from their fingers when reading the Braille, much faster than people who are blinded throughout life.

The experiment involved ninety completely blind patients and sixty people who suffered from varying degrees of blindness. Participants were asked to grab a special device with their fingers and try to determine the nature of its movements.

When the device made elementary movements, participants reacted with equal speed to its movements. Meanwhile, when the apparatus, in addition to the movements, also vibrated, many subjects experienced discomfort caused by the inability to orient themselves. In other words, more than half of the participants were unable to determine the nature of the movements of the device.

Nevertheless, twenty people who suffered from congenital blindness yielded the highest results in comparison with the rest of the respondents, since they almost without error established the movement of the device.

The same twenty subjects read texts printed in Braille faster than other people suffering from varying degrees of blindness. Congenital blindness allowed participants to quickly read the text, almost without stopping with their fingers on the font characters.

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