Scientists have named 10 ways to maintain good vision

Scientists have named 10 ways to maintain good vision

Everyone understands that vision needs to be protected, because it is the main channel for the flow of information. However, a modern person living in the age of electronic gadgets strains his eyes too much. This leads to negative consequences. Scientists told how to strengthen vision, so as not to become a victim of modern technology.

The first tip is for those who smoke. As you know, cigarette smoke affects vision very badly. Quitting this habit will help reduce intraocular pressure, which can cause many diseases.

People who care about their vision must definitely include blueberries in their diet. It relieves eye fatigue and helps prevent their diseases. And it doesn’t matter what kind of berry it is – fresh or frozen. This is much more effective than taking pills.

Do not forget about the use of multivitamins. According to statistics, people who use them have much less eye problems.

When working on a PC, the screen needs to be installed just below eye level, this will slightly lower the upper eyelid, reducing the rate of evaporation from the surface of the eye. Reducing dry eye syndrome helps maintain vision.

In the sun you should always appear in high-quality sunglasses. This will help protect them from sudden changes in light. Poor-quality glasses not only do not protect the eyes, but also cause irreparable harm to them.

In your daily routine, you must definitely enter outdoor walks. They are useful both for vision and for the whole organism as a whole. During walks, the eyes relax and fully relax.

At any time of the year you need to find the opportunity to eat greens, even fresh frozen. It is imperative to eat beets, which contain zinc, which is good for the eyes, as well as iron, which improves blood counts, which nourishes, including eyeballs.

Eyes must have a rest. If the activity is connected with the strain of vision, whether it is reading, working on a PC, etc., you need to break away from time to time and focus your gaze for about 30 seconds at one point.

Many eye diseases appear in people with high blood pressure. Therefore, it must be constantly monitored. People prone to hypertension should constantly check their eyesight in order to respond in time to negative changes.

When working with a danger to eyesight (grinder, welding, etc.), it is imperative to wear safety glasses or masks. It is advisable to protect the eyes when swimming in the pool.

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