How to keep your eyesight

How to keep your eyesight

Everyone should know how to maintain vision. In order to maintain vision, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​a set of measures that will serve as an effective prevention of many diseases.

First of all, in order to maintain vision, it should be read with proper lighting. This will protect your eyes from overvoltage.

The light source in the reading process should be located above and slightly behind the reader in such a way that light falls from behind the shoulder. It is not recommended to read if light comes into the face. 

The lighting in the room where the person is reading should be quite bright. You can’t read in the dusk, as this spoils your eyesight. The working surface should be located so that the window or other light source is on the left.

A source of artificial electric light, for example, a table lamp, must be covered with a shade, since direct light rays will otherwise hurt your eyes. When reading with the lamp on, the main lighting is also better to leave – this will create a smooth transition from less intense light to more intense.

Excessively bright light blinds the eyes, causes a strain of vision, as a result of which the eyes quickly get tired. In addition, it is harmful for the eyes to read, for example, in a traveling car, as the text as a result of shaking is at different distances from the eyes.

In order to maintain vision, it is very important to maintain the correct distance between the eyes and the text, which should be at least thirty centimeters. When examining something from a close distance, the eye muscles tighten, and again the eyes get tired.

Modern society cannot imagine its life without computers. But, to our great misfortune, computers not only make our lives easier, but also harm our eyes, especially for those people who constantly work behind the monitor. To relieve fatigue from the organs of vision when working at the computer, it is recommended to perform several simple exercises. 

During operation, the computer monitor should be located at least at arm’s length. In addition, the monitor should be located on the desktop so that, looking up, you can see all the objects in the room. After forty m 

while working behind a computer monitor, you need to take a break, perform light exercises, for example, frequent blinking, during which the eyes relax and moisturize with the secretion of the lacrimal glands.

To prevent the development of myopia, you must expose yourself to ultraviolet rays. In the event of a shortage of ultraviolet rays, metabolic disorders in the body of phosphorus and calcium occur. For this reason, the adaptive capacity of the eyes is reduced. Under the influence of the sun’s rays, vitamin D, located in the cells of the skin, becomes active and normalizes the proper absorption of phosphorus and calcium compounds in the body.

A huge role in preserving vision is played by proper nutrition, which should include the necessary amount of vitamins, in particular the “eye” vitamins A and D. Vitamin D is included in such foods as beef liver and sea herring, egg yolk and natural butter.   

Vitamin A is extremely important for vision, as it is responsible for the ability of the eyes to see at dusk. With a deficiency of this vitamin, visual acuity is upset, the skin loses its tone, and becomes vulnerable to inflammatory processes. Vitamin A is found in abundance in cod liver, cream, and chicken eggs. There is also a substance such as provitamin A, called carotene. Carotene is necessary in the human body for the synthesis of vitamin A. There are a lot of carotene in carrots and bell peppers, rosehips and onions, apricots and lettuce.

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