How to avoid vision loss?

How to avoid vision loss?

Ophthalmologists say that with the onset of the cold season, people are more likely to suffer from inflammatory eye diseases. The causes of ocular ailments are different, from banal hypothermia and drafts to acute respiratory viral infections and influenza. If you do not start treating your eyes for inflammation on time, you can end up with a chronic disease that cannot be completely cured. 

The first symptoms of catching a cold are swollen, reddened eyes, lacrimation, and pain. Conjunctivitis, uveitis, keratitis can cause irreversible effects, leading to loss of vision.  

If you notice the symptoms listed above, do not rush to self-medicate, apply traditional medicine recipes to your cold eyes, or , God forbid, pharmacy drugs. Self-activity in this case can seriously harm your health. The only right decision in the event of unpleasant symptoms is to contact an ophthalmologist. 

Conjunctivitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, which is caused by viruses, fungi and microbes.

Keratitis is a disease that manifests itself in the occurrence of an inflammatory process in the cornea of ​​the eye, which has a traumatic or infectious origin. The disease manifests itself in profuse lacrimation, photophobia, decreased transparency of the cornea. It is fraught with serious complications: decreased vision, the appearance of a thorn.

Uveitis is a disease associated with inflammation of the iris and ciliary body of the eye. It occurs due to a sore throat, flu, dental diseases, inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx. Among the complications that can develop as a result of improper or inadequate treatment of this disease are low vision and blindness.

Ophthalmologists claim that a person can not cope with eye diseases on his own. Proper treatment can only be selected by a specialist. Refusing to see a doctor, the patient loses precious time and does not receive the necessary treatment, which can lead to poor health.

There are many diseases, such as keratitis, which if they are not detected on time and treatment is not started, can lead to loss of vision. Even conjunctivitis, if it is not started to be treated in a timely manner, can become chronic and cause serious problems that will be observed in the patient for years.

What to do? How to protect yourself from vision problems? Doctors recommend prophylaxis. 

It is known that blueberry preparations are a wonderful tool that can support eye health. This berry contains a large number of plant pigments, due to which visual acuity increases, photosensitivity increases, blood circulation in the retina improves. 

The secret of blueberries is that it contains two useful substances called lutein and zeaxanthin . They give a strong protective effect, due to their ability to antioxidant activity, the ability to filter and absorb the blue part of the light spectrum that is harmful to the retina. Studies have shown that people taking lutein at a dose of 6 mg daily have a 22% reduction in the risk of cataracts.    

Blueberries, of course, are very useful for our eyes, but, of course, it is not a panacea. In addition to blueberries, chokeberry and blackcurrant are also good for eye health. They also contain zeaxanetin.

Protect yourself and your eyes from colds, do not neglect preventive measures to take care of your health, contact an ophthalmologist in time in case of health problems in order to maintain visual acuity and a clear view of the world until old age.

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