Computers and TVs are safe for adolescents

Computers and TVs are safe for adolescents

There is overwhelming evidence of the detrimental effect of sitting in front of a TV or computer monitor on the health of adolescents. However, a group of experts from Germany found that this is far from the case. The results of their research show that the exploitation of all kinds of technical innovations in no way harms the health of a teenager, in particular, eyesight.

Experts have not found any relationship between the use of a cell phone, computer or television and the occurrence of migraines and vision problems in adolescents. However, regular listening to loud music through headphones in some cases led to pulsating veins in the temples and a slight headache.

The study was organized by neuroscientists from the University of Munich. It was they who came up with the idea to establish the relationship between electronic devices and various symptoms of visual impairment. In the past few years, many doctors have been actively introducing new technologies and inventions of technology, complaining that adolescents who are addicted to the above gadgets may suffer from obesity and stress, sleep disorders and, of course, visual impairment. Nevertheless, according to German experts, not everything is so bad.

The study found virtually no sign of headache in adolescents who regularly watch TV or spend time at the computer. The only thing in which scientists have established a certain proportion of harm was listening to music with headphones at high volume.

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