Eye cancer

Eye cancer

Eye cancer in oncological practice is quite
rare, but still this form of malignant tumors manifests itself. Statistics
show that about ten years ago, out of a hundred thousand people, eye cancer
occurred in ten to twelve. Now this form is found a little more often,
although now the statistics of all cancers around the world
have deteriorated. Of one hundred thousand adults, eye cancer is currently
observed in twenty to twenty-five people. Doctors pay attention to the
fact that most people come to see a doctor at the last stages of the
disease, when it is almost impossible to help. Also, unfortunately,
the frequency of visits to specialists by children has increased.

The causes of eye cancer are very simple. First of all, it is a very
unfavorable ecological situation. Moreover, cases of
hereditary diseases of entire families have become more frequent . Here you should pay attention to
dirty water, in which various salts of heavy metals are increasingly found. In
this case, violations occur at the genetic level, and one generation can be absolutely healthy, and the second one can
get serious problems.

Retinoblastoma is a type of eye cancer
that occurs in children. This is a very dangerous disease, which, in the
absence of timely medical qualified assistance, leads to the death of a
child. Previously, such a tumor was treated only in one way – by removing the eye.
At present, organ-preserving operations have been introduced into practice. If the
disease is detected in the early stages, it can be cured without the intervention of a
surgeon. And thus preserve the organ and vision for the child . For this
reason, visits to an ophthalmologist should never be neglected.

Benign eye tumors are much more common.
Approximately 70% of tumors are benign, but they can very easily
develop into malignant tumors if treated. For this
reason, the benign tumor is also removed. Among the intraocular
formations, about 80% are malignant.

In addition to the environmental situation.
Ultraviolet light is believed to be the culprit for eye cancer . Women and men over thirty are not
advised to abuse sunbathing. Doctors advise using
quality sunglasses. Eye cancer can also develop in the presence of
HIV infection. Eye cancer is also very often not a primary tumor, but a
metastasis of a tumor of any organ. However, whatever the root cause of the
malignant formation lies, it must be treated.

Currently, the treatment of eye tumors is carried out by a
complex method, like the treatment of other formations. They use
chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. However, in any case, doctors
are trying to save a person’s organ and vision. And in the overwhelming majority of
cases they succeed. About 75% of patients retain their vision after treatment.

The main thing for the treatment of any form of cancer is time. The sooner
the danger is identified, the more likely a person is to preserve his
organ and its functions. Unfortunately, there are no ways to prevent the disease.
A systematic examination by an ophthalmologist will help identify any changes in the early
stages. This is all a person can do.

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