Get away from the computer

Get away from the computer

Get off the computer, do eye exercises

According to statistics, around the world, one in three people cannot see well. If you have vision problems ( nearsightedness or farsightedness , strabismus or astigmatism ) and you do not want to put up with it, you know – everything is in your hands . But keep in mind: vision was broken slowly, and it will be restored slowly. We are not talking about surgical, laser or contact correction, but about restoring your own normal vision in a natural way . To ruin your eyesight, you have worked for more than one year. It is you, not the doctor, who must work hard to correct it. Health must be earned.

Exercise, regular eye training are very important for maintaining and improving vision, preventing myopia and other eye diseases. To understand how best to train vision, let’s remember how our eyes are arranged. To relieve tension in the eyes, inevitable when working at a computer, you must:

  • every 1-2 hours switch vision: look into the distance for 5-10 minutes
  • close your eyes to rest for 1-2 minutes
  • do 4-5 simple exercises that involve large muscle groups.

Do exercises for the muscles of the eyes, neck, back, shoulder girdle. For children, the recommendations are the same, but breaks should be taken more often and longer: for children 12-14 years old every 45 minutes, and for 15-17 years old – every hour, the break should last at least 15 minutes.

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