Exercises for Improving Vision

Exercises for Improving Vision

Violation of the functions of the organs of vision is a problem that today, to one degree or another, concerns every third person on the planet. The most common disorders are hyperopia and myopia, strabismus and astigmatism, arising from changes in the position, size and shape of the eyeball. To eliminate such conditions, special exercises have been developed to improve vision , which well-seeing people can perform equally well as prevention. 

Performing charging for the eyes will not require much effort. As for the results of such classes, it will be impossible to immediately notice them – this is not a laser correction or a surgical operation.

Blood circulation exercises

The condition of the optic nerves and muscles of the eye is largely dependent on blood circulation. Therefore, if you perform certain actions (eye massage, gymnastics) aimed at improving blood circulation in the eye area, vision can be improved and even partially restored.

To complete the proposed set of exercises takes no more than five minutes. Each movement should be repeated 10-20 times.

1. We move the pupils left and right along the horizontal mental line.

2. Repeat the movement, but already vertically – up and down.

3. We also do diagonal exercises to improve vision in a straight line, but following the line from the upper right corner to the lower left, and then vice versa. 

4. We describe with our eyes a wide, full circle: first, clockwise, then – against its course.

5. We close our eyes tightly, and then weaken them.

6. Quickly-quickly blink your eyes, and then close them for a few seconds, resting.

7. Touch the extended nose with your index finger and look at it with both eyes for a few seconds.

8. Draw a marker on the window glass with a point about 1 cm in diameter (you can stick some mark). We notice for ourselves any large object outside the window. We move from the window to a distance of 1-2 meters. We look at the point on the glass and the object outside the window.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in these exercises to improve vision , but they will bring significant benefits to the eyes.  

Fatigue exercises

This gymnastics for the eyes is recommended for those who spend most of their wakefulness at the computer monitor or in front of the TV. Such exercises relieve fatigue well, help relax the muscles of the eyes, and relieve tension. In addition, performing them is as easy as exercising to improve blood circulation.

1. Pupils draw a large number “8”. Movements should be smooth and unhurried, breathing should be calm and even.

2. We extend the right hand to the line of parallel with the floor. Raise your thumb. We look at it inseparably for a few seconds, then we begin to slowly move our hand to the side, following its eye movement (do not turn your head!). Repeat the exercise, but with the left hand.

The first and second exercises to improve vision and relieve fatigue should be repeated 6-10 times. The following exercises – 10-12 times.  

3. We look out the window at a distant object. We hold our gaze for a few seconds. Then slowly raise the hand (distance from the eyes – 25-30 cm) and look at it. We linger for 5-10 seconds and again slowly translate the look at the distant object outside the window.

4. Raise your hand and put your thumb so that it is in a straight line with your eyes, at a distance of 25-30 cm. We look at the finger, counting to ourselves 5 seconds. We close the left eye, continuing to look at the finger. We count to 5. Open the eye, look another five seconds, close the right eye.

If you do not forget to do gymnastics for the eyes every day (several times a day), eye fatigue will accumulate much less. Signs of impaired vision will also decrease over time.

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