5 mistakes of parents spoiling the child’s sight

5 mistakes of parents spoiling the child’s sight

Every parent wants only the best for his child, so he acts out of the best of intentions, searching for a circle of early development or buying the most expensive and elite tablet. The trouble is that not all such ideas and motivations go to benefit the child.   Child   may begin to lose sight because of parental errors. What kind?

Passion for early child development

As you know, demand creates supply, and the fashion for early development circles captures an increasing number of parents. In pursuit of the achievements of their offspring, they often cross the line beyond which the pursuit of their own vanity begins. Often, such studies with a 2–3-year-old baby have a detrimental effect on his nervous and visual systems, which are not ready for such premature and excessive loads. An ophthalmologist and medical doctor Igor Aznauryan warns that active reading, drawing and spelling can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences, including eye diseases.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous for all parents to realistically assess the possibilities of their own crumbs, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then guide him to the club of early development. Do not be shy, taking care of the health of your child, being interested in the education of the teacher, the presence of a diploma, work experience. In addition, you should first read reviews about it on the Internet. Not only the final result, but also the quality and safety of the process itself will depend on the professionalism of the teacher.

No breaks when doing lessons

No wonder that school lessons are interrupted by changes, which make it possible not only for the child to relax, but also for his eyes. Homework is usually not covered by this rule. Having finished one, the child proceeds to the next and so on until all lessons are completed. On the one hand, parents thus teach the child to hard work and discipline, which is highly commendable, and on the other, voluntarily and involuntarily spoil his eyesight. The thing is that while working in the classroom, the ciliary muscles surrounding the lens focus the eyes at different distances, because the child often puts him on the board, now on the notebook, then on the teacher. This prevents excessive eye strain, and therefore the risk of any violations is minimal.

Doing homework creates the same type of continuous load in the vicinity, moreover, not every student at home has a properly equipped workplace. If he does not work at the table, but on a bed or floor, then the visual system suffers even more. Therefore, it is important to give children the opportunity to rest, but it is better if during this period they will not play or watch cartoons, but will engage in mental and labor activities, for example, they will be distracted by the designer’s collection.

Ignore reception at the ophthalmologist

As you know, many diseases are easier to prevent than to cure, and this fully applies to eye diseases and eye pathologies. However, most often patients go to doctors only with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, and even then not always, and after all, with a deterioration in their vision, it is easy to overlook them, miss them and thus trigger the developing ailment. Diseases such as astigmatism, anisometropia , and amblyopia apparently do not manifest themselves, which creates major obstacles to timely diagnosis and treatment. Notice any characteristic signs can only  ophthalmologist, and the task of parents to regularly bring a child to him for a professional examination.

The first time for consultation with such a specialist is recommended to come when the child reaches the age of 1 – 2 months to exclude congenital abnormalities of the visual system. At 6-8 months, the second stage of the examination is carried out, at which strabismus, nystagmus and partial atrophy of the optic nerves can be detected. Upon reaching the year, you should report to the third routine inspection to more accurately determine the refraction of the baby’s eyes. Any complaints of an older child to   pain   in the eyes, a feeling of dryness, fatigue and reduced vision should be a reason for going to the doctor.

Parents only rely on food.

Everyone has already gotten the edge of the council to eat a carrot to maintain vision, and to treat the existing pathologies of this organ with blueberries. However, in medicine there is not a single scientifically confirmed fact that it really helped someone to get rid of eye problems. No one detracts from the health benefits of these products, because they really contain a lot of vitamins and other valuable trace elements, but no one knows how many they really need to eat to get a lasting effect.

All sorts of dietary supplements, glasses in the hole and gymnastics for the eyes can be powerless against heredity. If mom or dad suffered from myopia from an early age, then a child will also face it with a high degree of probability. Therefore, parents should keep abreast of, not listening to any well-wishers and not relying on non-traditional methods of prevention and treatment. Even if the offspring is diagnosed with myopia, this is not a reason for panic and anxiety. Modern ophthalmologists have the opportunity to adjust it and improve the quality of life of the patient.

Consider that glasses spoil the sight

Doubtful parents far from medicine are in no hurry to listen to the advice of specialists and often refuse points. Allegedly, they harm the eyes, impair vision, and in general, it is worthwhile to put them on once and not take them off. I must say that this myth has affected many areas of medicine. Diabetics are afraid to switch to insulin, believing that nothing will help them any more, and allergies to drink more serious drugs or to prick hormones. Of course, much will depend on the specialist, his eloquence and the desire to convey the truth to the patient, to explain that this is for his own good.

As for glasses, then this accessory does not just help to see better. He is a method of correction and treatment of organs of vision. If parents make every effort, they will follow all the recommendations of the doctor and by joint efforts they will be able to stabilize myopia and get rid of associated pathologies, then there is a chance that the glasses will disappear from the life of their child. Today, there are many modern techniques, including laser correction, to stop the pathological process and prevent the development of serious consequences.

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