Influence of the computer on human health

Influence of the computer on human health

Everyone will agree that the impact of a computer on human health is strictly negative. Scientists make many assumptions about how the electromagnetic fields produced by computers, televisions, and mobile phones affect humans. They all agree on one thing – people need to be protected from such influences, especially since they affect a person every day, hourly. The negative impact of a computer on human health    affects mainly vision. When children and adults are at the computer for a long time, the eyes begin to tire. This kind of eye strain arises in motorists driving on the highway, in readers who have not looked up from the book for a long time. The muscles that direct the gaze to the desired point, as a rule, are fixed, are simply tired from increased physical exertion, which can cause headaches or eye pains. Due to excessive eye strain in a person sitting at a computer, vision is impaired.

There is such a thing as potential eye fatigue, which is present in any type of work related to the visual system. The eyes are most tired when looking at an object at close range. The problem is further increased if visual activity is associated with the use of high-brightness devices such as a computer monitor, TV, etc. The negative impact of a computer on the health of a person over 20 years old is not so strong, since the main organs and functions of the body have already been formed. But in children, the eyes are especially tired, since the oculomotor muscles have not yet strengthened.  

Each parent noticed that after sitting at the computer for a long time, the child can get up because of him irritable, nervous, can aggressively show emotions. Or the child may become lethargic, passive, tired. Therefore, the influence of a computer on human health is also negative for his mental state and mood. This is especially evident when the child is carried away by certain types of games, for example, online games, or games with a bloody storyline. It often happens that pathologies of visual functions are found in children from early childhood, since they can be inherited, and with a long stay in front of a computer, these pathologies become aggravated, as a result of which the child can practically lose sight. Such forms of the disease may progress and require timely correction. Sometimes vision problems in children, who often sit at the computer, disappear upon reaching adolescence, when the oculomotor muscles are finally formed and begin to work at full strength. 

The negative impact of a computer on human health can be minimized by limiting the amount of time spent at the computer. To reduce the harmful effect of the computer on the eyes, you need to alternate several activities, do exercises for the eyes, and also alternate work with text documents with games in which there are moving objects. A good high-resolution monitor and special glasses for computer work will help to minimize the negative impact. For comfortable work, it is better to use even , eye- cutting lighting that will not produce uneven glare and reflections that make it difficult to perceive the image. You can turn off the overhead lighting and turn on the table lamp. There should not be any bright light sources behind the person so that the screen also does not give glare, therefore it is worth considering the location of the computer in the room or office. Physical activity will be a good discharge for the eyes exposed to the computer for a long time.  

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