Vitamin eye drops

Vitamin eye drops

The deterioration of vision caused by reading and watching TV, working at a computer monitor and other factors that negatively affect vision is probably familiar to every modern person. To normalize vision, various nutritional supplements are used, as well as vitamin eye drops.

Vitamin eye drops are developed taking into account which vitamins are needed. Vitamin eye drops have a beneficial effect not only if the eyes suffer from farsightedness or myopia, but also if a person constantly experiences stress on the organs of vision.

Many ophthalmologists are of the opinion that the maximum effectiveness from the use of vitamin drops for the eyes will be achieved when they are combined with tablet vitamins. Such drugs help relieve the feeling of fatigue and tension from the eyes, eliminate red. Among other things, vitamin eye drops are an excellent prevention of cataracts and glaucoma. Additional vitamin support is especially necessary if a person suffers from diabetes or varicose veins, since these pathologies often occur accompanied by visual impairments.

All vitamin K for the eyes, as a rule, include vitamin A, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the retina. In addition to drops, this vitamin can be obtained from food – carrots and blueberries, turnips and other red fruits and vegetables. Vitamin eye drops enriched with ascorbic acid help with myopia. And with myopia, you should eat citrus fruits, currants and parsley, bell peppers and cabbage. Riboflavin, a vitamin that supports normal vision, is found in mushrooms and dairy products.

Calcium is also essential for eye health. But ophthalmologists have long noted that getting calcium from food alone is not enough to maintain vision, since none of the products contains enough of this substance. Vitamin eye drops are distinguished by a much more significant concentration of calcium.

Typically, specific vitamin formulated eye drops are formulated based on a single active ingredient, such as blueberry extract. All other constituents are additional and contained in a lower concentration.

All vitamin eye drops are available from different pharmaceutical companies. And the differences between the drops of one manufacturer from another are mainly only in the concentration of nutrients. The composition of a specific drug indicates which ailment these drops are intended to fight or which pathology to serve as a prevention. For example, for people who regularly work at a computer and feel tired eyes, vitamin eye drops containing vitamin B6 should be preferred. If a person, for example, sees poorly at dusk, then he is recommended to use drops for maintaining eye health, saturated with vitamin A.

Strengthening the blood vessels of the eyes is a prerequisite for maintaining good vision. For this, funds are used based on extracts from parsley, as well as drops based on ascorbic acid. The development of myopia can be suspended with vitamin eye drops with blueberry extract. Of course, eye drops should not be used regularly. As a rule, the course of treatment or prevention is several months, after which a monthly interval is made. The right to prescribe eye drops belongs only to an ophthalmologist. It should also be remembered that vitamin drops for the eyes are more likely a means of preventive action than therapeutic.

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