Vision training

Vision training

Good vision plays a very important role in every person’s life. Unfortunately, vision, one way or another, deteriorates. The deterioration of vision is influenced by various factors – hereditary predisposition, aging, eye diseases, and, finally, improper vision hygiene. However, if you pay attention to the deteriorating vision in time or, even better, take measures to prevent its deterioration, you can avoid a huge number of problems in the future.

Vision training is a set of measures aimed at preserving and maintaining normal vision. Vision training includes various measures, consisting in visual exercises for the eye muscles, in stimulating vision with the help of light exposure, in giving the organs of vision the necessary rest. A separate point in eye training should be noted proper nutrition, rich in vitamins, which help maintain eye health.

Vision training – temperature effects on the eyes

Take two small towels or cloths. Wet the first towel in the hottest water possible, the second in ice water. Apply a hot towel to your eyes for two minutes, cold for one minute.

Vision training – correct breathing

It is the correct breathing that allows you to normalize blood flow to the tissues of the organs of vision. This training of vision involves a deep breath, then holding the breath. After that, it is necessary to bend the torso at the waist, slightly bending the knees, lower the head so that it is in line with the heart, exhale.

Vision training – relaxation

The eyes are perfectly relaxed in the fresh air. To do this, you can go for a walk or properly ventilate the room. Then stand with a straight back, take a deep and calm breath, then holding your breath. Bend your knees and lower your head as low as possible. Blink your eyes, tightly closing them and opening them wide. Blinking is performed while holding the breath.

Vision training – exposure to light

Sunlight helps to relax the eye muscles by stimulating the iris of the eye. However, this does not mean that you need to look at the sun or at a burning lamp. Cover your left eye with your hand, take a deep breath, shaking your head slightly. You should blink your right eye at the sun until you feel uncomfortable. After this, the exercise is done with the left eye. After blinking, dark spots will be visible in front of your eyes. You should cover your eyes with your hands and rest. Then expose closed eyes to sunlight.

Vision training – exposure to darkness

Darkness relaxes the iris of the eyes. Cover both eyes with your hands, without touching the eyelids. A pleasant darkness will envelop your eyes. The intensity of the darkness is indicative of the degree of relaxation. Keep your eyes closed for fifteen minutes.

Vision Training – Rocking

Spreading your legs in different directions, make smooth swaying of the whole body. At this time, the eyes should slide without stopping, the direction of sight is the tip of the nose. Dizziness may sometimes occur.

Vision training – diet

As already mentioned, a properly balanced diet is an effective prevention of visual impairment. Correctly selected products provide the organs of vision with all the substances necessary for their health. Foods that promote eye health – green vegetables and herbs, apples and carrots, seaweed and walnuts, wholemeal flour and natural honey, sprouted wheat grains, yeast, prunes and blueberries. Food such as white flour and sugar, sweets can adversely affect vision .

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