The laws of attraction: what is the importance of good vision?

The laws of attraction: what is the importance of good vision?

It is absolutely obvious that poor eyesight deprives us of a large number of opportunities. However, few people think that visual impairment can affect not only the quality of life and health, but also our attractiveness, beauty, self-confidence and, as a result, the perception of others around us.

Poor vision and tired eyes are unlikely to cause a pleasant impression or sympathy, and because of the notorious habit of squinting, the risk of premature appearance of facial wrinkles is significantly increased – a problem that worries every modern woman.  

In the subway, on the street, at the university, at work – almost everywhere we need to see small details, people’s faces, read inscriptions or text. In order for the image to be as clear as possible, visual acuity must correspond to at least 100%. It is then that we see the world around us as nature intended. 

But, unfortunately, today almost every second inhabitant of the earth has vision problems, and we can often observe people around us who diligently squint in an attempt to see something. The need to squint inevitably arises when you need to focus your eyes and make a blurry image more clear. This action occurs reflexively, and a person does not even notice how during the day he periodically looks not very attractive. But most importantly, it becomes a habit and quickly reflects on the skin of the face.

Mimic wrinkles appear first – the delicate skin around the eyes is prone to drying out, so “crow’s feet” that are hateful for girls are formed very quickly. Over time, they become deeper, leaving noticeable traces in the form of small folds, which are extremely difficult to get rid of. 

To prevent wrinkles, huge amounts of money are spent on fashionable cosmetologists, expensive creams and special anti-aging treatments. However, the effectiveness of all these efforts can be significantly reduced or completely nullified due to the habit of squinting. To avoid the risk of premature facial wrinkles, it is important, in addition to daily care for your skin, to pay special attention to eye health.

“In the modern world we must not forget about the perception by other people of our face and eyes. This is not only a matter of color and shape, but also of the beauty of the skin. Very many factors affect her condition, including the quality of her vision. I, as a makeup artist who works every day with actresses, stars and simply beautiful girls, I can say that facial wrinkles can often distract from the beauty of the eyes and makeup. Therefore, I highly recommend correcting vision if necessary. Thanks to this, you will cease to constantly squint to see small text or details surrounding you throughout the day, and significantly reduce the risk of expression lines. Use contact lenses or glasses to keep your eyes as beautiful as possible , ”commented Sergey Naumov, a well-known Russian makeup artist and beauty blogger. 

Vision must be checked at least once a year, while it is not necessary to visit special clinics. Now there is an opportunity to visit a specialist in almost any optics salon, and he will pick up contact lenses or glasses for you. For those who want to try contact lenses for the first time, doctors recommend starting with daily replacement lenses. They are easy to use, do not require additional care, purchase solutions and containers.

In the modern world, there are many opportunities to prevent the wilting of the natural beauty of the skin. Our task is to take care of ourselves, using all the advantages, and not to forget that good eyesight is not only a guarantee of an active life filled with bright colors, but also an opportunity to preserve youth and beauty for many years.  

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