Hardware treatment of vision in children

Hardware treatment of vision in children

Hardware treatment of vision in children is used with great success with many diseases, which include:

  • Amblyopia, which is most often the result of strabismus. In this case, one of the eyes is practically not involved in the visual process, because of which the brain does not combine the pictures visible with two eyes into one. If this disease is not treated, one eye may be completely discontinued.  
  • Strabismus – the wrong location of the pupils of one or two eyes.
  • Hyperopia – all objects located at a distance of less than 30 centimeters from the eyes lose their clarity.
  • Myopia – objects located at a long distance become poorly distinguishable.
  • Astigmatism is a violation of the shape of the lens, causing a loss of image clarity. 
  • Presbyopia is a form of teenage farsightedness.
  • Spasm accommodation – the loss of the ability to clearly distinguish objects due to muscle spasm.
  • Asthenopia – rapid eye fatigue.
  • Hardware treatment of vision in children is also indicated during rehabilitation after surgery, dystrophic state of the eyes, optic atrophy.

Hardware treatment

The treatment of vision in children most often takes place without surgical intervention. With the correct diagnosis and accurate selection of treatment, as well as following all the doctor’s prescriptions, many problems with children’s eyesight can be corrected. For example, the treatment of strabismus is non-contact. Doctors have developed special exciting games, thanks to which the kids will not even know that they are undergoing treatment. All treatment is painless and improves visual acuity in young patients.

How is it going?

The duration of the session is not more than sixty minutes. During this time, the baby can go up to five devices. The number of courses is assigned individually, but most often does not exceed twenty days. After about five classes, the kids undergo a follow-up examination, at which the doctor assesses the degree of treatment effectiveness and, if necessary, corrects it. Another examination is carried out seven to ten days after the end of treatment. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe a second course of treatment, which, with a progressive disease, can be carried out after three months.  

What are the results?

Almost always, after the course of treatment, the kids have an increase in visual acuity, and in the case of strabismus, it helps to change the pathological condition for the better. However, it is worth remembering that the treatment of vision is a long and thorny path, and quick results on this path cannot be expected.

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