When nutrition heals: products for immunity, vision and beauty

When nutrition heals: products for immunity, vision and beauty

There are certain combinations of food products, which due to mutual enhancing effects give a rejuvenating effect, enrich the body with vitamins and mineral components, improving their absorption and assimilation. Such combinations help the regeneration and functioning of the skin and mucous membranes, normalize digestion, stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Due to the use of such successful combinations in nutrition, the prevention and treatment of many pathologies can be carried out. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Vegetable Tomatoes: Young Skin

To improve the appearance of the skin and its rejuvenation, it is necessary to include tomatoes with vegetable oil in your diet as often as possible. Due to the content in them of lycopene, the most powerful of antioxidants, the harm that the skin experiences from the scorching rays of the sun is significantly reduced. Sun lovers need to take this dish into their arsenal and include it in their food. Vegetable fats contained in oils help the absorption of lycopene. According to researchers from America, people who regularly consume vegetable oils have significantly less wrinkles on their skin. Flaxseed oil is especially useful, due to which the skin and hair acquire a flowering appearance and elasticity, tone and shine.

The skin will also rejuvenate when consuming tomatoes with olives, and this dish is even healthier than the previous one. So, according to the same American scientists, among men who consumed tomato and olive salads, the cure for prostate cancer was more successful and faster than for those who did not include such a mixture in their diet.

Strengthen the effect of lycopene on the skin and tissues is possible if you extinguish at a temperature slightly above 100 ℃ plum-shaped tomatoes with vegetable oils (preferably olive). During heating, lycopene will be released more.

Chicken with carrots: strengthening immunity

It is difficult to find the vegetable where there would be the same amount of vitamin A as in carrots. This vitamin is used by the body in the fight against infectious diseases and strengthens the immune system. In combination with enough zinc in chicken, it’s much easier for the body to extract vitamins from carrots and absorb them, sending them for immunity. In addition, vitamin A is actively carried by the blood with the help of special carrier proteins, and it is zinc from chicken meat that is necessary for building such a protein that transports carotene into tissues. With a deficiency of zinc, immunity suffers no less than with a decrease in the intake of vitamins. Without it, they simply cannot fully assimilate. Therefore, chicken broth with carrots will be an excellent assistant for infectious diseases and a decrease in immunity. 

Egg and tomato or onion: a burst of vitamins and a source of youth

An excellent combination would be an egg salad with tomato or green onions. No less useful will be scrambled eggs or fried eggs with vegetable oil. First of all, tomatoes with a green onion are vitamins, they are in an easily accessible form for the body. In addition, they are saturated with selenium, which is necessary for the full functioning of the reproductive system. Selenium is most easily absorbed in combination with vitamin E, which contains eggs and vegetable oils. Therefore, this mineral and vitamins are best taken together. The main thing is not to overexpose it on the stove when cooking, and if it is a salad, eat it immediately after cooking. Prolonged heat treatment or contact with air destroys vitamins.

Broccoli and eggs in the diet: without PMS and osteoporosis

A woman’s nutrition after 40 years should contain salads or dishes with broccoli and an egg. According to research by scientists, those women who get enough calcium and vitamin D with food, about a third less suffer from osteoporosis and premenstrual syndrome. This is due to the fact that a chicken egg is a source of vitamin D in its diet, and broccoli inflorescences, spinach leaves and other types of cabbage are rich in calcium. Without the presence of vitamin D, its absorption is worse. Green broccoli inflorescences and spinach leaves are also rich in vitamin K, which helps in strengthening bone tissue and blood clotting. In addition to everything, as it was revealed, it directs and regulates the work of retinol and calciferol, directing calcium to the right places where it is best absorbed and absorbed. Supplement your meal with scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs stuffed with broccoli or spinach, and if you add cheese there, the benefits will only increase.  

Sweet pepper with lentils: preventing fatigue

Often the body suffers from iron deficiency, due to which anemia develops , leading to constant fatigue. To prevent anemia and give strength to the body, special products are needed. For example, lentils contain enough iron but without vitamin C, which is a lot of bell pepper, it is more difficult to digest. An equally useful prevention of iron deficiency is sesame and sunflower seed, added to a salad with fresh vegetables, a source of ascorbic acid. 

Spinach Avocado: Vision

No less important is food prevention and vision problems, and one of the effective combinations for this will be a mixture of spinach and avocado. The latter contains vitamin A and lutein, which are extremely useful for the visual analyzer substances. Plus, we add a large amount of unsaturated fats, useful for the optic nerve. In combination with a set of other vitamins in spinach and mineral components, this mixture provides active prevention of visual disturbances. This is especially useful for those who work at a computer and read a lot.

Naturally, to eliminate already existing visual disturbances, one such salad is powerless, but in combination with taking medications, visual gymnastics and good rest, this is an active prevention of progressive visual impairment.

There are many other useful combinations of products that affect health and beauty. The basis of all these combinations is vitamins and minerals, which are so lacking for modern man, and the body suffers greatly from a deficiency. You can, of course, drink them in the form of tablets, but such food combinations are much tastier and more pleasant.

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