A set of exercises Zhdanov to restore vision

A set of exercises Zhdanov to restore vision

Zhdanov’s set of exercises is an exercise for the eyes, which helps to maintain and restore vision. The author of the technique has developed many techniques for training and relaxing the eyes, among which is a set of exercises that strengthen the oculomotor muscles.  

Eye exercises: training rules and contraindications

Before you start using the set of exercises for Zhdanov’s vision, you need to check the list of contraindications. It is forbidden to perform eye exercises for those who underwent surgery on the organs of vision in the previous six months. Exercise is also contraindicated in patients diagnosed with retinal detachment. Damage to the retina can occur during the training itself – such a danger exists for people with severe myopia. So that health does not suffer , before starting classes, you need to undergo an examination with a specialist who will make an accurate diagnosis.   

Train should be in a gentle mode, avoiding overvoltage. Prevention and treatment of visual impairment with the help of Zhdanov gymnastics require a cautious approach – too much zeal is not welcome here. Training is allowed no more than three times a day. The number of repetitions needs to be increased gradually. All eye movements should be performed smoothly and leisurely.  

The purpose of the work according to the method developed by Zhdanov is to restore vision: a set of exercises for training the oculomotor muscles should be combined with proper eye relaxation, exercises to improve cerebral circulation and other techniques developed by the author of the method.  

Exercise complex

Perform exercises while holding your head still – only eyes should move. Repeat the following exercises one after another:   

  1. Look up, then down. Repeat 3 times. Blink.
  2. Similarly, turn your eyes, but from side to side. Do 3 reps, blink at the end.
  3. Now move your gaze diagonally: from the top corner on the right to the bottom corner on the left. Perform several times, blink and change the diagonal: first look left and up, then right down. Repeat three times for each diagonal, blink.
  4. Draw a rectangle with your eyes, move clockwise (3 repetitions), then against (3 repetitions). Blink in the middle of the exercise and at the end.
  5. Draw the eyes of the dial of the watch, moving from the number 12 through the three, six and nine. Repeat in both directions 3 times. Blink before moving in the opposite direction, and after the exercise.
  6. Imagine a wriggling snake. Move your gaze from the tail, the tip of which is located at the bottom left, through all the bends to the head located at the top right. Blink and run in the opposite direction.
  7. Outline the bow with your eyes. Start from the bottom on the left, then go through the side, diagonal, second side and second diagonal. Do 3 reps and blink.
  8. Outline the hourglass: the top point on the left, the top edge, diagonal, base, second diagonal. Do not forget to blink.
  9. Move in a spiral, that is, wrap circles around the nose – clockwise draw circles of larger diameter. Blink and spiral backward, starting from the point below on the floor.
  10. Now imagine a horizontal spiral – move your eyes as if you are wrapping a horizontally lying pipe with turns of wire. Move from left to right (from the top point). Make 5 turns. Then unwind the wire while moving backward. Blink.
  11. Outline the vertical spiral. Move from the floor through the nose to the ceiling, as if wrapping a rope around a vertically standing pipe. Then unwind, blink.
  12. Imagine that in front of you is a big ball – spin it with your eyes along the equator line first one way then the other – make 6 circles. Blink.

If your eyes ache from charging from a habit, it is better to postpone training for 1-2 days.

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