The eyes are directly connected to the human brain. Not only the general health of a person, but also the normal functioning of the brain depends on eye health. Recently, people have become much more work at the computer, a huge burden falls on the eyes of the student and the training. How to maintain eye health and not get myopia, so common in our time?

Myopia (myopathy) is a visual defect in which the rays of light do not focus on the retina, but are collected in front of it. This is due to the fact that the eye focuses too much on the image. At the same time, a person sees well up close, but doesn’t see well into the distance and must use glasses / lenses with minus diopters.

The normal length of the eyeball is 23-24 mm. When myopia eyes lengthened (stretched eyeball) to 30 mm, and more. An increase of 1 mm in the eyeball leads to an increase in myopia by 3 diopters.

Myopia is extremely common in our time. All age categories are subject to it, starting with the pupils of kindergartens. Progressive myopia is dangerous for the normal functioning of the body. People with very poor eyesight are even contraindicated for exercise, because this can lead to retinal detachment and further visual impairment.

Currently, there are 3 recognized ways of correcting myopia, namely glasses, contact lenses and laser correction. Depending on the degree of myopia, a person may experience a constant need for glasses or temporary, for example, when working at a computer or driving a car.

But myopia can be avoided. For the prevention of ophthalmologists give some advice, following which you significantly reduce the risk of disease.

Try not to squint, as the eye at the same time is compressed both by muscles and eyelids, as a result of which it becomes even longer.

When reading it is impossible to use only one focused light, without a common overhead light. The book is projected on the fundus of the eye in a reduced form and when only it is illuminated, the projection of the book represents one bright little spot, which strains the eyes even more.

Do not watch TV in the dark. The wider the area of ​​light, the smaller the diameter of the pupil, and, therefore, easier to work the eye.

Try not to read in transport – this is harmful due to vibration and strains your eyes very much.

While working at a computer or reading it is necessary to let your eyes relax after each hour of work: rub, massage them, moisten with water.

Eat more fish, vegetables and fruits containing vitamin A.

From the sport of badminton useful for the eyes.

Here is a list of exercises that should be performed every 40-50 minutes, while reading, writing or working at the computer. The duration of such a workout should be 3-5 minutes, all exercises should be repeated several times.

Recline while sitting on a chair back, take a deep breath, then bend forward and exhale.

Leaning back in your chair, close your eyelids and firmly shut your eyes. Then open the eyelids.

Put your hands on your belt and turn your head to the right. Look at the right elbow. Then, turn your head to the left and look at your left elbow.

Raise your eyes up and make them in a circular motion clockwise; then counterclockwise.

Extend your arms forward and look at your fingertips, take a deep breath. Now raise your hands up and watch the movement of your hands without raising your head. Lower your arms and exhale.

Remember, glasses are uncomfortable to wear. Eye fatigue causes discomfort that adversely affects a person’s well-being. By following simple tips and performing this system of exercises, you can always be in good shape, your eyes will rest properly, and you will be able to work productively and nothing will give you any inconvenience.

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