10.5 reasons to get laser correction

10.5 reasons to get laser correction

The motives that people are guided by when they want to do laser vision correction for themselves are different, but they all agree on one thing : laser vision correction makes the life of any person more comfortable and pleasant.   

Glasses tend to fog up, fall off during intense actions, get dirty, in the end. This is all very inconvenient! With lenses in this regard, it is easier, but they often irritate the eyes, require careful maintenance, which also adds to the hassle.     

Let’s name 10.5 reasons why our patients underwent laser correction:

  1. To drive a car without glasses.
  2. For beauty! Not only women feel uncomfortable with glasses and want to get rid of complexes associated with wearing glasses.      
  3. For sports: tennis, football, snowboarding, swimming, alpine skiing, biathlon, martial arts, weightlifting, yoga, pilates.
  4. To look younger without glasses. Glasses add not only solidity, but also several years.   
  5. To make your dream come true: become a pilot or flight attendant, qualify for service in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, other special services, and join the army.  
  6. To dance freely.
  7. For the medical examination: work at height (builders, workers of mining and metallurgical enterprises, miners, oil workers, machinists …) 
  8. To go hunting and fishing. 
  9. Future mothers – so that you don’t have to look for glasses at night when you feed your baby.   
  10.                    Students to see well in lectures. 

And … 10.5! Contrary to popular belief, the most rare cause for laser vision correction – the cost of glasses and lenses, although in modern times the cost of frames and spectacle glasses can reach several tens of thousands of rubles.      

The clinic for laser eye microsurgery at Maerchaka 18 carries out more than 5 thousand successful HD-Lasik surgeries per year. Laser vision correction is performed by ophthalmologists who have undergone special training and have extensive experience. As a result, our patients get the opportunity to regain their excellent vision, give up wearing glasses and lenses, and see the bright world with their own eyes.          

Laser vision correction is comfortable and affordable

Vision correction operations began to be performed for a very long time. Since then, medicine has gone far ahead, and today doctors have learned how to quickly and effectively restore people’s eyesight. Modern ophthalmologists successfully use laser correction, which allows them to fight myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.      

The use of the excimer laser began in 1976 . Since then, several new techniques have appeared that have made the correction process faster and more comfortable for the patient, and the recovery period is as short as possible . LASIK technology has been used since 1989 , during which time millions of people around the world have undergone vision correction surgery using this method.           

In our clinic we use an advanced HD-LASIK technology for greater clarity of vision. The laser uses a new algorithm to affect the inner layers of the cornea, which makes the procedure more effective. At the same time, the cost of the operation is comparable to the usual Lasik.     

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