Flies in the eyes

Flies in the eyes

Flies in the eyes are small points in the field of view. They are visible when you look at a bright object: white paper or blue sky. They are annoying, but do not interfere with vision. You can get used to them and not pay attention. Only sometimes there are so many of them that they need to be treated.

Where do the flies come from?

These are particles of a protein called collagen. It is located in a jelly-like substance at the back of the eye – the vitreous humor.

As you get older, the fibers of the protein that make up the vitreous humor together and form clumps. These lumps throw light onto the retina, and you see flies. If you see flashes of light, then retinal detachment has occurred in this place , and you urgently need to see a doctor. 

Such changes can occur at any age, but they are more likely to affect people over 50. Also at risk are people suffering from myopia or undergoing cataract surgery.   

Also, flies can appear due to:

  • eye diseases,
  • eye injuries
  • diabetic retinopathy,
  • crystal-like sediment on the vitreous,
  • eye tumors.

Flashing flies in front of your eyes can be a symptom of serious diseases:

  • retinal detachment;
  • retinal rupture;
  • bleeding in the vitreous body;
  • inflammation of the vitreous humor or cornea due to infection or an autoimmune disease;
  • ocular tumor.

Flies in the eyes can appear with migraines. In this case, vision is distorted in such a way as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope. This symptom should not be confused with other types of opacities, because it is accompanied by a headache.

When should i see a doctor?

If you sometimes have flies in front of your eyes, and they do not move, do not worry. An ophthalmologist’s consultation is necessary in the following cases:  

  • a sharp increase in the number of flies;
  • flashes of light in front of the eyes;
  • loss of peripheral vision;
  • a sharp deterioration in vision;
  • flies that appear after eye surgery or injury;
  • pain in the eye area.

Do not hesitate to go to the doctor, otherwise you may lose your eyesight.

How are flies in the eyes treated?

Flies in front of the eyes usually do not require treatment if they appear accidentally and very rarely. If they annoy you, take them out of sight. To do this, move your eyes up and down and from right to left. Such movements start the flow of intraocular fluid, and flies move with it.

If the flies interfere with vision, you will need an operation to remove the vitreous body – vitrectomy. The destroyed vitreous humor is removed and replaced with saline solution. The operation has side effects: retinal detachment and rupture, cataracts. However, the likelihood of complications is minimal, and the result of the operation will bring you good vision without clouding.

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