Popular questions for glaucoma

Popular questions for glaucoma

Can glaucoma be prevented?

To detect the disease, regularly see an ophthalmologist. If glaucoma is diagnosed immediately, it can be controlled with medications: eye drops or pills. If glaucoma does not respond to traditional treatment, you will have to undergo surgery. Remember that glaucoma is asymptomatic, and half of the patients do not even suspect that they have this disease. If you have been suffering from glaucoma for a long time, doctors will not be able to return your eye health to its previous level. Therefore, as a preventive measure, you should regularly check your vision with an ophthalmologist, at least once a year.    

If I have glaucoma, will I go blind?

If you are on medication and follow your doctor’s recommendations, you may not be afraid of blindness. Treatment significantly reduces pressure on the optic nerve. If you use drops every day, you can be sure that you will not lose your eyesight.

If my parents had glaucoma, will I have it too?

Not necessary, but the risk of getting sick increases. Other risk factors:

  • age over 50,
  • eye injuries
  • use of steroid medications,
  • diabetes,
  • myopia,
  • high blood pressure.

Is there an effective cure for glaucoma?

Yes. For treatment, drugs are used in the form of drops or tablets. Medications work in two ways: some reduce the amount of fluid that the eye produces, others improve the outflow of intraocular fluid. If you take your medications on a schedule and visit your doctor regularly, you will not think about how to preserve your eyesight. 

Please note that glaucoma medications can affect the entire body, so please inform your doctor about this when you see a doctor in other specialties. If treatment is started late and medications cannot slow down the development of glaucoma, surgery is prescribed. It is carried out with the help of a laser – it improves the outflow of intraocular fluid and stops the development of glaucoma. You will still need to take medication or use eye drops after surgery.

Can i drive a car with glaucoma?

The ability to drive and undergo a medical examination to obtain a driver’s license depends on visual acuity. A physical examination can be done even at an advanced stage of glaucoma, if you see satisfactorily. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis, so consult your doctor.

Can contact lenses be worn for glaucoma?

It depends on what kind of treatment your doctor has prescribed for you. If you are prescribed drops, you can continue to wear your contact lenses. However, some medicines can only be used without lenses. In addition, medications can affect your visual acuity, and you will need lenses with different diopters.

If the doctor decides that an operation is necessary, then you should not wear lenses for some time before the procedure. Ask your doctor about this, and together you can work out the right treatment strategy.

How can I help my parents with glaucoma?

The diagnosis of glaucoma is frightening. Elderly people have to cope with various diseases. They often worry that they become a burden to the family if they go blind. Therefore, you must reassure parents that, with appropriate treatment and care, people with glaucoma retain their vision.

Help parents set up a medication schedule and make sure they use the eye drops at the scheduled times. In old age, some develop arthritis, it becomes difficult for them to instill drops. Also, an elderly person may simply forget about the medicine. Remind me of this: go for a visit or call. If this is not possible, create a written timetable and post it in a prominent place in your parent’s home.

If the eldest family member is scheduled for surgery, help them get ready and get to the hospital. Remember that the most important help you can give is psychological support. All your questions about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of glaucoma, you can ask on our website or by calling the clinic. 

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