The secret to maintaining vision

The secret to maintaining vision

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine has found that physically active people who allow themselves to drink sometimes are less likely to have vision problems. Experts tracked nearly 5,000 people 43-84 years old from 1988 to 2013. During this time, 5.4% had vision problems. 

So, among people who trained 3 times a week or more, only 2% had visual impairments. Among people leading a sedentary lifestyle, those were 6.7%. When the age of people was taken into account , experts found out that physically active people were 58% less likely to have vision problems than people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.   

As for drinking , people who don’t drink alcohol at all are more likely to experience complications than people who drink from time to time (11% versus 4.8%). After assessing the age, it turned out that sometimes drinkers were 49% less likely to have vision problems compared with abstaining from alcohol.  

But people who drink a lot and often, as well as smokers, had a slightly increased risk of developing visual impairment. According to scientists, the risk increased slightly from a statistical point of view. For example, the risk of visual impairment was approximately the same for people who drank less than one drink per week, and for those who drank 1-2 drinks daily.

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