10 harmful tips that will definitely ruin your eyesight

10 harmful tips that will definitely ruin your eyesight

It turns out that even Botox injections can impair vision clarity.

As a rule, vision does not deteriorate instantly – it can worsen (or preserve) our daily habits for years. What to do to someone who does not like to wait long and wants to try on glasses with large diopters as soon as possible? To achieve this goal in the shortest possible time will help 10 harmful tips. And if you still want to keep a clear vision, it is enough just to break them!

1. Extend the eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are attached to the real with a special glue. In case of a master’s mistake, he can get into the eyes and damage the cornea. Even if everything is done correctly, an allergic reaction to such a procedure is also not uncommon, it manifests itself in the form of such unpleasant diseases as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) and conjunctivitis.

2. Wrong eating

A balanced and vitamin-rich diet is important for the entire body, and the eyes are no exception. Proper nutrition is important for maintaining vision. In your diet, you must have vitamin A (lack of color can lead to color disturbance ), vitamin C (this element is responsible for the strength of the structure of eye tissue), anthocyanins (help strengthen the walls of retinal blood vessels).

3. To make Botox in the area between the eyebrows

Injection of botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscle into which it is injected, which smoothes wrinkles. But if the master makes a mistake with the injection site or chooses the wrong dosage, muscle paresis can occur, which will immobilize the eyelid. In this case, the following consequences are possible: double vision (diplopia), prolapse of the upper eyelid ( blepharoptosis ), dry eyes and corneal inflammation (keratitis).

4. Read in transport

First, because of the shaking of the car or bus, the eye cannot properly focus on the text, which creates additional strain. Secondly, the lighting in the subway and bus leaves much to be desired. And for the view, both too strong a contrast (for example, when we look at a bright screen against a dark background) and too weak (when we read a paper book in dim light) are harmful. When it comes to reading from the screen of a phone or tablet, the harmful effect is enhanced due to the blue-violet emission spectrum, which is dangerous for eyesight. Special lenses (such as CrizalPrevencia ), but even they will not resolve the issue with a focus on a shaking book or gadget.

5. Postpone visiting an ophthalmologist

It is necessary to check your eyesight every year, even if nothing is bothering you. For people with short-sightedness and farsightedness, it is especially important that in case of changes in time, change the lenses to more suitable ones. Correct correction helps prevent further vision loss.

6. Do not exercise for the eyes

As well as the body, eye muscles need gymnastics. Especially during long-term work at the computer, in which it is so important to relieve tension from the eyes. According to statistics, three out of four people experience visual fatigue syndrome due to the use of electronic devices. However, this problem is easy to avoid, because the implementation of a set of exercises for the eyes takes no more than 20 minutes.

7. Often under stress

In a state of continuous nervous tension, blood pressure rises and the heartbeat quickens, and this is a blow to the vascular system of the eye. Due to its impairment, tunnel vision can appear (in which a person loses peripheral vision), myocomia (known as “nervous tick”), headache and dry eyes.

8. Spend a lot of time indoors with dry air.

In the cold season, the heating system dries the air in the rooms, and with it the skin and the mucous membrane of the eye. To prevent this from happening, a humidifier can be placed at home and at work. Aquarium is also a great way to increase the humidity of the air.

9. Disregard sun protection

Most people know that in summer their eyes need protection from the sun, but in the winter and in cloudy weather they are often forgotten. However, the sun radiates ultraviolet radiation throughout the year, and in winter its rays are also reflected from the snow. Therefore, the eyes should always be protected by sunglasses or photochromic glasses. The latter are relevant at any time of the year and in any place. The degree of darkening of the lens varies depending on the lighting: these glasses are transparent in the room and darken under the action of sunlight. Photochromiclenses can be made with diopters, which allows them to simultaneously correct vision and protect the eyes from the sun.

10. Wear glasses with poor quality or inappropriate lenses.

The main thing in glasses is lenses, since it is on them that the health of our eyes depends. Improper vision correction leads to an overstrain of the eye muscles, due to which the vision may deteriorate. Poor quality lenses are also harmful: for example, under cheap sunglasses with darkened lenses without a protection factor, the pupil expands and more UV rays get into it. Modern lenses are lightweight and durable, which makes them more comfortable and durable and prevents injuries from falling. And lenses can be made with a multi-coating , which protects from dirt, dust, water droplets, mechanical damage and ultraviolet radiation.

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