Eyes react on their own

Eyes react on their own

Researchers at the University of Biomedicine Friedrich Miescher , examining the vision of rodents, found that their eyes respond independently to movements that occur around the mice. We already know that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but that they are capable of living on their own …

This is what the researchers have learned: the retina of the eye reacts to information from the outside, even before the brain reacted to it. Recently, evidence has been discovered indicating that there are nerve nodes in the retina of mammals that independently respond to certain movements, for example, vertically and horizontally. Now, as the doctor of the university proved, the eyes react independently to any movements, to the approach of any things.

This ability is a defense mechanism in rodents. There are times when the brain can react too slowly to something, therefore, we can say that in this way the body additionally protects itself. This function is also present in humans. Due to the fact that the eyes react independently to sharp and sudden movements (danger !!), the response of a person comes faster. But it does not always work, for example, when the brain begins to analyze the situation, a so-called stupor may occur, because it has not encountered it and it is required to select adequate actions, which leads to a slow reaction. 

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