Video games can be a cure for amblyopia

Video games can be a cure for amblyopia

Not everyone knows the term amblyopia, but many people know firsthand about such a phenomenon as a lazy eye. Lazy eye is a condition in which the brain blocks the image of one of the eyes, so a person does not have stereoscopic binocular vision. As a rule, lazy eye syndrome is treatable in childhood, but at an older age, it is almost useless to deal with it. But a recent study by Dennis Michael Levy, Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, showed that video games can be an effective treatment for amblyopia.

The cerebral cortex, which is responsible for vision, even in adulthood remains sufficiently plastic, which makes it possible to treat lazy eye syndrome. Previously, it was believed that amblyopia should be treated only up to nine or eleven years, since after this mark the visual apparatus is already formed and cannot be changed. Doctors are now using computer-assisted visual problems to treat amblyopia. But, as a rule, these video tasks are quite boring and do not inspire enthusiasm among patients.

Dr. Levy came up with the idea of ​​using video games to eliminate lazy eye syndrome. Of course, not everything, but specially designed to help the weak eye develop. This will help solve the problem of boring treatment for middle-aged people who have not had stereoscopic vision for many years. Visual treatment programs are based on the repetition of the same image-tasks that are supposed to make the weak eye work. This makes video games similar to visual trainers, since they will also repeat themselves when a person plays and goes through level after level again. Therapies like these should have long lasting and positive results. 

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