Women become bespectacled much earlier than men

Women become bespectacled much earlier than men

 It has long been known that women are much more likely to need corrective glasses or bifocals than men. A recent study showed that women are forced to start wearing glasses at a much younger age than the strong half of humanity. This difference is due to multiple combinations of factors: focusing ability, arm length, and preferred reading distance.

As a rule, middle-aged men and women (from 35 years old) gradually begin to lose sight, the so-called presbyopia develops, that is, the loss of close vision (otherwise it is called farsightedness). But the processes of development of hyperopia have their own gender (sex) differences. First, women always need stronger reading glasses than men of the same age. Secondly, the decrease in visual abilities in women occurs faster than in men.

Scientists call the reason for this feature not physiology, but the fact that women prefer to keep materials much closer when reading than men do. The fact is that women have much less visual distance than men. Therefore, researchers began to develop a new direction of their research – applied. They tried to develop a gender system for the prevention of age-related presbyopia in women.

In general, the system of preventive measures for reducing visual acuity existed for a long time, but it was universal. Now a decision was made to adapt such preventive measures to the female body. To avoid the development of presbyopia, women should read at a distance, trying to keep the materials at the level of 40 centimeters from their eyes. With presbyopia, women should not be prescribed glasses at the right time, as this will only lead to a further decrease in vision. It is better to use a correction a few diopters less than the diagnosed presbyopia.

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