Tetris game will help restore children’s vision

Tetris game will help restore children’s vision

Ophthalmology experts strongly recommend that parents limit their baby’s time in front of a computer monitor or TV screen. However, the results of a recent study by oculists have shown that special computer games, for which the child will be enough to spend one hour a day, will help correct children’s vision.  

The syndrome of lazy eye – a disorder in which the nerves that connect the visual organ with the brain incorrectly developed, rather undeveloped in one eye. In other words, one eye sees normally, and the other cannot focus. Statistics say that 3-4 out of a hundred children face this pathological phenomenon. 

Previously, for the treatment of lazy eyes resorted to applying a bandage to a healthy eye. Thus, the lazy eye trained, the optic nerve strengthened, as the brain received information from only one organ of vision. Western experts just to solve this problem have developed special computer games that train the lazy eye, improving the child’s vision.

Fifteen children with vision problems participated in the test. Young participants were asked to wear special glasses for a Tetris-style computer game. The same picture was shown to each eye. But only a lazy eye saw a clear image, and a healthy eye saw a blurry picture.

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