Men can lose their sight from beer

Men can lose their sight from beer

It is believed that men with a round beer belly are more likely than others to develop cardiovascular diseases – a heart attack and ischemia of the heart muscle. In addition, they have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Meanwhile, Australian scientists have found that the beer belly has other equally dangerous “complications” that could adversely affect the quality of vision of a person who abuses beer.

For several years, the organizers of the study observed twenty thousand representatives of the stronger sex. During this time, the measurement of the waist of men was carried out. Study participants were between the ages of forty and seventy years. The authors tried to find out the connection between the beer belly and the development of age-related degeneration of the organs of vision.

It turned out that even an insignificant increase in the indicators taken from the participants of the measurements in the ratio of the diameter of the waist and circumference of the hips was a factor provoking the development of age-related degeneration of the eyes, which is a severe lesion of the retina. This disease leads to loss of vision.

At the same time, such a relationship between beer consumption and health was noted only in the case of men. In women, the dependence of the development of diseases of the organs of vision on increasing the diameter of the waist has not been established.

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