Prevention of myopia

Prevention of myopia

Prevention of myopia is especially important for children at an early age, as over time, visual impairment is much more difficult to correct. Prevention of myopia is carried out by performing simple exercises for sight. The first set of exercises for the eyes in Russia was compiled by Dashevsky A. B. This set included exercises for vision with convex lenses for 20 minutes. To prevent myopia, a special lens was installed in front of the eyes. The person had to look into it until normal vision was restored, in other words, its acuity. After that, the lens was changed to a stronger one, and continued to change until the vision was able to adapt. With each stage of myopia prevention, the number of lenses increased, which allowed the eyes to relieve accumulated stress.  

Modern medicine uses positive and negative lenses to train the eye muscles and prevent myopia. Eye strain is strictly monitored to avoid overexertion.

Before how to start these procedures, your eyes are surveyed to get used to the lenses of plus and minus. From the data obtained, the optimal load for eye training is calculated. 

After a course of prevention of myopia, lenses are prescribed to wear minus lenses when reading, writing and watching TV. This wear lasts about 5 minutes, then the lens is changed to a weaker one. Each subsequent lens is left on for a minute. After applying negative lenses, use positive lenses. Myopia prophylaxis course consists of about 27 procedures.

The result of the course is determined by how quickly the eyes adapt to lenses of different strengths. One of the most important prerequisites for an eye training course is regular reading with these lenses.

Prevention of myopia can be carried out independently.

Already in the days of our ancestors, eye exercises included rotating them in different directions in order to increase blood flow to the eyes and to the brain. Such rotational movements not only relieve eye fatigue, but also saturate the eye tissue with oxygen. The determining factor in the effectiveness of these exercises is the special connection between the eye tissues and the nerve endings of the brain. In addition to the therapeutic and prophylactic effect, these exercises rejuvenate and tighten the skin of the eyelids.  

Another way to prevent myopia is the method of Professor Nazarov. The method is based on vibration massage of the eyes. The apparatus is applied to the closed eye in the outer corner. Vibration does not affect the inner tissues of the eye, but along its surface, thereby not injuring the eyeball. After vibrating the eyes, you need to make rotational movements in different directions. As a result, the eye muscles are stimulated, vision returns to normal, fatigue goes away.

The basis for the prevention of myopia by the English ophthalmologist Corbett is the relaxation of the eye muscles. The principles of this technique:

– vision will certainly improve;

– too much tension tires the eye muscles, as a result of which vision deteriorates;

– when the eyes do not blink, they get tired faster;

– Constant wearing of glasses makes the muscles of the eyes flabby.

How to put these principles into practice:

When reading a book, it is impossible for it to be on the chest, that is, too close to the eyes, or on the knees, too far.

To train the eyes while reading, the distance from the book to the eyes must sometimes be changed.

Reading before bed is not recommended, as you can fall asleep with strained eyes.

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