Scleroplasty of the eye

Scleroplasty of the eye

The main reason for the development of blindness is increasing myopia, or myopia. I must say that severe myopia is one of the main causes of visual disability in people.  

Deformations on the retina of a dystrophic nature, changes in the lining of blood vessels, detachment of the retina are the most common factors in reducing the main and lateral vision. This includes developing myopia. All of these changes are a consequence of the growth of the eyeball, an increase in which occurs due to poor blood supply to the eyes or a deficiency of the scleral frame.

Scleroplasty of the eyes today is a real salvation for those who are losing sight of the eyes. In addition, eye scleroplasty is carried out as a preventive measure for the treatment of developing myopia.

The principle of the operation of scleroplasty of the eyes consists in strengthening the strength of the scleral membrane and normalizing the metabolic processes in the eye tissues by an operative way. Meridional eye scleroplasty and collagen plastic surgery are the most common and effective modern scleroplasty procedures . The advantages of these methods are their simplicity in technical terms, a small risk of negative consequences and a high degree of positive result. Almost all modern eye clinics provide such services. 

Determination of the method of surgical intervention is made by an ophthalmologist, based on the stage of the patient’s myopia, the rapidity of the development of myopia and the clarity of deformities of the bottom of the eye.

Eye scleroplasty is prescribed:

– with the developing growth of the eye axis in front and behind;

– with an increase in the degree of myopia per year by 1 diopter;

– with decreased vision

– with deformities of the retina of the eye of a dystrophic nature.

In case of not rapidly developing myopia, to preserve and maintain vision, it is enough to carry out plastic surgery with collagen. Collagen plastic surgery is performed as an additional procedure to eye scleroplasty . It serves for faster normalization of vision after eye scleroplasty .

Performing scleroplasty performed using biotransplantatov , specially treated prior to the procedure, and purified. Biografts contain collagen, the lack of which is felt by the myopic eye, and which is necessary to create a strong scleral skeleton of the eye.

Collagen plastic is performed using special liquid or gel-like collagen. Collagen is injected with a disposable syringe with a rubber needle. By the way, such a syringe was developed by the legendary Academy Fedorov. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. For children under the age of 14, the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Methods of meridional scleroplasty consist in making a small incision on the surface of the eyeball. In this incision, grafts are inserted, which are distributed over the surface of the apple of the eye. 

Collagen plastic surgery consists in injecting 1 g of pure collagen in the form of a gel into a small incision in the eyeball. The injection is done using a Fedorov syringe.

Surgical treatment of developing and complex myopia is becoming an extremely effective way to prevent the loss of visual functions of the eyes. The practice of performing hundreds of thousands of eye surgeries in domestic clinics has shown that the normalization of myopia or a significant inhibition of the rate of its development is observed in more than 90% of all patients.

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