Modern correction

Modern correction

Modern vision correction is based on the use of a
laser. This is the main direction that scientists rely on.
Recent advances in science in this area are simply amazing. Nowadays
, with the help of a laser, vision can be restored in just a few minutes. A doctor’s examination before the
operation will take an hour or an hour and a half, and the operation itself will take only fifteen minutes. And
then you can forget about glasses and contact lenses. 

More recently, an operation to restore vision
was carried out by microsurgeons. Not many people dared to take this step, and complications
were very frequent. After the development of the laser treatment method, ophthalmology
made a breakthrough. The narrow beam acts very accurately and accurately, without
touching excess tissue. Modern correction is based entirely on a computerized
method. This allows you to achieve absolute accuracy, since no
human factor can affect the result and carry out the operation without

Currently, laser vision correction is based on
two methods. First, photorefractive keratectomy . It is a pioneer in correction, the first developed method that is still used today. Second, laser keratomileusis . This is the latest development of ophthalmologists. This method is considered the most gentle and effective, and vision will be restored on the same day the operation was performed.

There are a number of limitations associated with modern
correction. Firstly, laser correction is contraindicated for persons under the age of eighteen. This is due to the fact that you need to be sure that the eyeball is fully formed. During pregnancy and lactation, correction is also contraindicated until the woman’s hormonal levels are fully restored . 


Modern correction is not possible with diseases such as
arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, with immunodeficiency, as well as with
systemic diseases that affect the healing process. If
there are such ophthalmic abnormalities as corneal thickness less than 450
microns, glaucoma, progressive myopia, cataracts, laser correction is
unacceptable. Also, the operation is not performed if there is only one eye. Common
contraindications for modern correction are diabetes, an implanted pacemaker,
pregnancy, mental disorders. Also, in case of acute or chronic
eye diseases, scars in the cornea, any pronounced changes
in the fundus or apple, doctors may refuse to carry out the correction.

Thus, the modern correction has made a huge step
forward and is only improving over time. Ophthalmologists, almost anyone,
can give one hundred percent vision in a few hours. Of course, this
procedure is not free. Yes, it costs much more than glasses or
contact lenses. However, it is worth calculating how much money will be
spent on this over many years, and how much for one operation in a lifetime. The benefits, even financially, are

Patterned contact lenses

Every year there are
fewer people who wear glasses . There is a completely logical explanation for this, firstly, it is
not so easy to choose glasses that will be a decoration, and secondly, it is possible to make
laser vision correction, and thirdly, there are contact lenses. Currently
, the contact lens market is very diverse and vibrant. In addition to
varying in length of wear (from daily to annual), lenses can also
come in a variety of colors. Patterned contact lenses are a new fashion trend

Now on the ophthalmic market there is a large
selection of so-called “safe” lenses. The developers say about the possibility of
wearing such contact lenses for up to a week without removing them. However, there is no complete agreement between developers and doctors – ophthalmologists. Especially since the organizations certifying products are not based on the same metrics as doctors. As a result, the developers have a permit that says the lenses can be worn without removing for a month. However, this is a slight deviation from the topic. 

Modern patterned contact lenses are the latest
development. They can also improve vision, but
patterned contact lenses are also available that do not alter a person’s natural vision.
With this trendy accessory, anyone can stand out from the
crowd. It is unlikely that people will get bored with this kind of entertainment. After all,
patterned contact lenses are very diverse and unique. The designers’ imagination
remains at a high level, and young people are happy to buy a new

Now at the development stage is the newest type of lenses,
which, in addition to a varied color palette, will also be equipped with
microcircuits. Thanks to them, it will be possible to enlarge the image to the desired
size, as well as display any data in front of your eyes. Moreover, scientists
say that such lenses will be powered by sunlight, and they are
absolutely safe for humans. So the fantastic future is making
big strides towards the present …

Patterned contact lenses should be chosen in the same way as
regular or classic colored lenses. Consultation and examination by an
ophthalmologist is mandatory . After the doctor confirms that there are no contraindications, you can start choosing lenses. However, don’t buy patterned contact lenses for daily wear. Of course, this is everyone’s business, but at work or at university, such attention may not have very good consequences. 

Patterned contact lenses are contraindicated for diabetes
, infections, allergic reactions, eye inflammation.

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