How to save the student’s vision

How to save the student’s vision

Human vision changes with age. Eyes grow with us, grow up and grow old just like everyone else in the body.

Body vigor can be maintained by playing sports. The program of education for a healthy nation (TRP) was introduced in Russia in March 1931. However, to maintain eye health, special gymnastics is needed . Their health is directly related to the general state of the human body and the work of the brain.

That is why it is so important from childhood to take care of vision, the load on which increases the more, the older the child becomes. From the formation of correct habits, in childhood depends on how well a person will see in his mature years.

What norms must be observed to preserve vision, which should be discarded, and which habits, on the contrary, should be developed .

Illness comes

Ophthalmologists anxiously talk about the loss of vision in all people in general.

The load on the vision of modern man has increased significantly. If the ancient people had to look at the mammoth in the distance, then our contemporaries need vision in order to look closely at their “mammoth”.

The distance in the classroom to the blackboard is no more than 5 meters, and at home, having buried in tablets and monitors, the children almost “read” the tablet with their noses. 

Parents note

Eyes need freedom. Schoolchildren in cities often do not need to look at something away. Everything is always at hand. Try to pay attention of children to objects that are far away so that the world does not shrink to the size of a tablet or notebook on a table.

Today’s children grow too fast, so the organs of sight do not have time to adapt to the accelerated students. The most dangerous period is in primary school. At this time, the eyes are especially sensitive to overloads.

According to scientists, myopia suffers:

  • up to 8% of primary school students;
  • up to 30% of high school students;
  • 50% of high school graduates.

According to the member of the International Council for Ophthalmology V.Yu. Kornyushina , the visual load of younger schoolchildren is from 5 hours a day. High school students have it twice as much. And we are talking only about the academic load. If we add to this the reading in the gadgets of friend tape during the breaks, computer games at home and “roaming” social networks until late at night, the pressure on the eyes increases significantly.

How to save schoolchildren’s eyesight? Ophthalmologists are unanimous: the visual mode, special exercises for the eyes, sports, walking in the fresh air and an active lifestyle.

Experts insist: the question is not that the child uses modern gadgets, but how much time and exactly how he uses them.

Prevention of visual disorders

The human visual system continues its formation after the birth of a child, so it is important to observe the basic rules of prevention to preserve the health of the organs of vision.

Daily mode: healthy sleep for at least 10 hours, walks in the fresh air, rational   nutrition and alternation of activities.

Visual mode: the distance to the TV screen should be at least 2-5 m, continuous viewing of television or computer games can last no more than half an hour.

The workplace of the student: the furniture is selected according to the growth of the child, the table is well lit, the duration of the lesson to complete the tasks should not exceed 40 – 60 minutes.

Duration of reading without interruption:

  • 5-10 minutes for first graders;
  • 15 minutes for 2nd grade students;
  • 20-25 minutes for students in grades 3-4.

Eyes on a diet

Vision opens up something new to a person every day. To paraphrase a well-known saying, it is better to “take care of your eyes in your youth” than to look for a way to restore lost sight. The responsibility for this, of course, falls on the parents.

Well, who else but parents look at the child with love. Look carefully into the eyes of your children. Maybe their eyes go on a vitamin diet?

Doctors recommend to include schoolchildren in the diet   vitamins   and special products. With their help it is impossible, of course, to cure serious diseases, but no one has yet canceled prevention.


The complex of complex biochemical reactions that take place in the process of vision requires organic substances. Many of them are not in the human body, so doctors recommend taking special preparations containing vitamins and trace elements. Without zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, eyes will be difficult to withstand the ever-increasing load.

“Special” food

Eyes grow old with the whole human body, but this process can be stopped by   diets. It takes quite a bit of effort. Constantly include in the diet of schoolchildren “special” food.

Blueberry, black currant, carrot will help strengthen the retinal vessels.

With the prevention of retinal dystrophy help broth hips, cranberries.

Regularly included in the children’s menu:

cottage cheese, onions and garlic, fruits and vegetables of orange and green colors, fish.

Eye fitness

The implementation of the now popular TRP standards will help maintain vigor in the body, and for the eyes you need your own gymnastics. It can be done using different methods, but it is better to consult with a doctor first.

 Gymnastics- “step”

This effective exercise can be done at home. Its implementation will take little time, relieve eye strain and distract mom from the phone, and the child from notebooks or a computer. It is recommended to hold it in the daytime.

Terms of implementation:

  • get a meter away from the window so that the light falls on the face;
  • stretch a hand forward, turning your palm towards yourself and look at the “walkways” on the palm of your hand;
  • to transfer eyes to a window and a window sill, considering small details on them;
  • then look through the window (you can view any object from a distance);
  • then look at the sky;
  • to complete gymnastics with a staged return of the eye in the reverse order to the palm.

Gymnastics “4×4”

The method proposed by Zhukova Olga Vladimirovna, an ophthalmologist at a specialized clinic in the city of Samara. It is especially useful after school, computer games, homework. Each of the four sentences needs to be done four times.

Alternate eye movements:

  • “Top-bottom”, “right-left”;
  • “Right-top, straight-bottom”; “Left-top, straight-bottom”;
  • “Right-down, straight-top”; “Left-down, straight-top”;
  • blink quickly and then close tightly.

After completing the gymnastics, cover your eyes with your hands, sit down and relax for about 20 seconds.

Comfortable protection from UV rays

The effect of UV rays is harmful to eye health. It accumulates gradually, and by the age of 18 a person receives 80% of all UV radiation.

Children are at risk. The lens of the child is easier to let the sun’s rays due to the fact that it is more transparent than in adults.

Good to know!

It is necessary to protect the eyes from UV rays both in winter and in summer, and fog and clouds do not block ultraviolet radiation.

How to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation? Salvation in high-quality sunglasses. An important condition for their choice: the acquisition of glasses should be only in certified optics salons.

 What else you need to know when choosing sunglasses for a child?

First, the lenses. They should be with UV filters. Otherwise, the natural vigilance of the eyes will decrease, and ultraviolet will get unlimited access to the retina.

Secondly, the material from which the lenses are made. It must be safe, hypoallergenic, lightweight, comfortable, durable and resistant to shock loads.

Third, the color. Here, ophthalmologists are unanimous: gray and brown. The light absorption value should be 70%. Yellow-brown glasses will help filter out 100% of UV rays.

Fourth, the rim. For each age group it has its own, taking into account the shape of the nose and the location of the eyes.

Properly chosen glasses will help reduce the strain on the organs of vision and protect against premature aging.

Good vision can be saved. It is important to remember that the eyes need rest, good light and a healthy lifestyle.

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